Even if you are not a technical person, you might have sometime encountered the term Bing Search API. Today we will be discussing Bing Search API, and how it can help accelerate your next big project. It might sound quite tedious and complex to develop functionalities that leverage tonnes of web pages, videos, images, news, entities, and similar things. But, with the advent of Bing Search API, handling these scenarios has become quite easy. Microsoft Bing’s Web Search API is perfect for obtaining faster web results. 

What is Bing Search API?

To explain in detail, Bing search API can be demonstrated as a medium that offers secure, ad-free, and location-focused search results, presenting relevant data from abundant web documents. Through this API, you can produce before your audience a clear search result of exactly what they were looking for. It works by accumulating endless webpages, videos, news, and images much like Google image search API, with a singular API call. 

How Do You Get Started with Bing Search API? 

First and foremost, you can access the API by choosing among the list of subscriptions you want from Bing API pricing. Once completed, you are all set to get going with your first call. The process of calling the first API is by transmitting a native HTTP GET request or by availing oneself of the Web Search SDK. To help you gear up for getting up and running swiftly for any of the options, click on Quickstarts. 

What All Features Do Bing Search API Comprise? 

The API is automatically directed to revert and rank any content that is appropriate to the user’s search query. But, if you wish to authorize what you need to view in return then you can try out the following features. 

  1. Filtration of Answers that Bing Generates: In case you are interested in specific responses and not the complete search result, you can opt for the response filter to customize according to your needs.
  2. Page Results: When searching in either the web search API or image search API, the user receives a list of results relevant to the query. If you need an estimate of the total count of available results, you can approach the answer object’s ‘totallEstimateMatches’ field. 
  3. Hit Highlighting: Through this feature, the user can fix highlighting characters to the phrases and words in the product’s headers and descriptions that recognize the same from the user’s probe. 

3 Basic Methods to Start with Bing Search API 

If you are a newbie, you will find these three steps quite practical to start with. In case you are developing your app in C#, you can unify the Bing Web Search API calls by adhering to the below steps. 

  1. Copy the C# quickstart code (or the code that you prefer), and paste it on your preferred IDE. Modify the query string according to your search need. 
  2. Acquire free access for Bind Search APIs, and put it down into the ‘access key’ field of the copied code.
  3.  Develop and produce your code to detect the JSON answer of the first query. 

This is it. These are the most fundamental steps you would require to simply start with the API. 

In What Ways is Bing Search APIs Vital for your Next Big Project? 

There is an API to get exchange rates, an API for social media, news, communication, and so on. But, if there is one API that can be considered profitable for search purposes, it is the Bing Search API. it has been designed in a way that your project will be invariably benefitted from the different features. From showing internal data to data from the public web, the project owner will have plenty of options to customize their project. You can throw light on certain features that you wish the audience to lay focus on, thereby every little detail will be conveyed to them. 

Through the use of this API, you will be able to associate with people through the business organization chart, and also locate relevant documents from the internal file shares. Office 365 of Bing is often recognized as the antecedent for the integrated Microsoft Search in Bing. It offers a comprehensive scope and opportunities for developers.  

Bing’s Image Search API is extremely practical for offering decisive image search results. You can get hold of search results that range from a narrow topic to the most trending images. Additional filters are also available to help you in your project like the size, style, freshness, license, color, and so on. In a similar way, the video search API is profitable in producing premium video search filters that include trending video results, video previews, paid and free filters, and more. 

It is important to associate with an API provider that offers multiple features as well as options. From Bing search API to Twitter to Google reverse API, all of them need to be available with them. 


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