There might be several reasons of one wishing to surrender in Valorant. However, this was just not possible few months back but now Riot has finally launched the surrender option to this game. Still, there are many players who are just unaware of this option.

Valorant: Riot Updates

Riot has been working really hard for giving the Valorant community a player-friendly environment. However, to make that possible the developer has worked on strict chat rules which will keep all the toxic players away and keep the game clean along with making the game player-friendly for the gamers. Well, that’s quite possible that the game might consist of hackers which might just ruin the game enjoyment of other players in the game. However this might make a player wishing to surrender in the game. Just to make the game more fun and keep it more players-friendly Riot came up with a surrender option in the game.

How to Surrender in Valorant

How to surrender in Valorant

Well, if you are someone who wants to surrender in Valorant but don’t know how to do it you are at the right place. Here are few steps that you need to follow and you can surrender in this game.

  • First thing first that you should keep in mind is that your ca=hat option should be enabled in the setting.
  • Now open the chat by pressing Enter key.
  • Go ahead by typing either of these options there in the chat box: /surrender, /forfeit, /if or /concede.
  • After typing any one of the above mentioned code in the chat the voting will be held. If majority of the players in the game thinks that it is of no use to continue the game and vote for yes that the game will get conceded.

How to Surrender in Valorant

Other two rules that needs to be followed

  • There are just two surrender votes accessible for single team that is once in each half. However, if these two votes are wasted for some in doubt reasons then it might make it difficult for the players when they actually want to surrender. So use this option wisely.
  • This surrender option is only accessible after eight rounds. that means no player can call for this surrender vote in the opening phase of this game.

Any how, no doubt this feature is so thoughtful for betterment of the game as well as players interest for this game.

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