How to start GTA Online Solo Session?

Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of exciting content to offer its players. Rockstar consistently adds interesting content to the game. If it is your first time playing the game– or if you have been hooked on the game for long, there is a surprise for you. GTA Onli e Solo Session.

We sometimes find ourself scrambling with some annoying players who have a nasty habit of killing other players for no reason. Unfortunately, this has been a huge setback in GTA Online. These pesky players are one of many reasons that many players are searching for a way to play in a solo lobby.

Why do we need a GTA Online Solo Session?

 How to start gta online solo session

Aggressive players are one of the most annoying things in GTA Online. There are many activities in the game’s that pit players against each other.

But, sometimes you come across that one person who just kills other players for fun. This often leads you to fail your missions, sabotage your progress or just interrupt your overall fun.

While some features are inaccessible during a solo session, it can often be useful in grabbing collectibles or exploring the GTA world.

How to access Solo Session in GTA Online?

 How to start gta online solo session

If you’re looking to access a solo lobby in GTA Online, you’re going to have to finish some steps.

First, you will not be not start a solo session from the actual online game for some unknown reason. Instead, you will have to head to Story mode. Once you are in the Story, press pause and then look through the Online tab. Here you will find some options. Go with Play GTA Online and another list of items will pop up.

Here you are supposed to choose the Solo Session option. Moreover, you can also choose other options like Crew Session or Invite Only or more. Once you have chosen Solo Session, the game will take you into a solo lobby of GTA Online.

It will allow you to explore the GTA Online world to your heart’s content. It is also useful in completing stuff like the Solomon’s film props collectibles list. But you will not be able to access the CEO and other activities like that are frequently interrupted by other players.

Now you know how to access a solo lobby, so head back over to the exciting Grand Theft Auto Online game and play till your heart’s content.

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