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Your hard disk drive (HDD) has suffered a nasty fall or has crashed, and now you cannot access your essays. Why? Because it may have suffered internal damage and cannot open when connected to your computer. The deadline for your essay submission is looming. And the situation can be very stressful, warranting you to seek help to retrieve data. 

An HDD provides internal or external storage. An external disk drive is just like an internal hard drive that has been removed from your computer and packaged externally using a protective casing. You can connect it to your computer wirelessly or via USB, firewire, or eSATA.

Apart from saving information, hard disk drives are used to share very large files, thus saving you the tedious work of directly transferring files from one computer to another. Unfortunately, your HDD might break, and it contains crucial information for your studies. 

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We all use computers, but amazingly few of us understand how hard disk drives work. So, how does HDD function? Hard disk drives work on the principle of magnetism. They use magnetic fields to store information and retain their prior settings. As a result, contemporary hard drives may retrieve files after a long period of inactiveness.

And, because hard disk drives store the bulk of your information, even minor damage might result in many issues. It is critical to understand hard disk restoration techniques to keep your important information safe. 

How Do You Know Your HDD Is Broken?

So, can you restore data from a broken HDD? It is possible, but let’s first look at some signs that your hard disk is broken:

  • your OS fails to identify the drive;
  • you detect strange clicking or crunching sounds coming from the drive;
  • when you access the files on the drive, the response time is slow;
  • when you use an external device, the system or program crashes.

You have to do two initial tasks to configure the hard drive for retrieval before looking at approaches to retrieve files from a dead or damaged hard disk:

  1. link your broken hard drive to a computer (if it is an external HDD);
  2. evaluate the impairment.

How to Restore Data From a Broken HDD

You can retrieve your files, including your essay, on your own or by turning to professionals. If recovery efforts fail, you can contract a writing service to produce a new essay for you. Check out this Essay Hub review to make sure this service is the right one for you. Don’t let your efforts go to waste; act fast if you have a broken HDD!

To recover your information on your own, you can use data recovery software as follows.

Run the Software After Download

Set up and install the free trial version of a well-known recovery program on your computer or laptop. When installing the application, choose the correct version for your operating system (OS) and enter administrator credentials when required.

Connect Your Hard Drive to Your Computer

Once you connect the external hard disk to your computer, the recovery software is launched. Choose the drive from the disk list in the app’s main window.

Scan for Data Loss

You may choose the kind of scan you want to conduct, but the greatest results will be letting the program run all of its algorithms in the best sequence possible.

Choose the Files to Be Recovered

Examine the files that the program can restore by filtering the recovered information. The scan findings can be displayed as a virtual drive to help recover lost files easier. 

You will need to choose a secure location to preserve the data you have retrieved. Do not use the afflicted external hard disk to avoid accidentally overwriting the content before retrieving files.

Carry Out the Recovery


After confirming your choices, on both Windows and Mac machines, click the Recover option. Allow the program to finish retrieving and reconstructing the information from your HDD. When the recovery process is complete, you will be able to access your files through the OS and the apps that produced them.

If you choose to go the professional route, these are the fundamental procedures to take when employing a data recovery facility.

  1. Describe your issue to the expert and get instructions on how to send your HDD to them. Ensure that you follow their recommendations to securely bring the item to the servicing center.
  2. Dispatch the gadget to the service center, where recovery specialists assess it. Based on the technological resources available and the time needed to retrieve files, this evaluation is to determine the restoration costs.
  3. Confirm and agree to the price and terms set out by the center. They will try and retrieve as much data as possible from your damaged disk and notify you once it is done.
  4. Once you have cleared your fee with the recovery company, they will send your data back to you on a suitable storage device. Most service centers will safely destroy the original drive.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know that you can salvage your essay from your broken hard disk, ensure that you always secure your HDD to avoid permanent damage.

Taking preventive measures to secure your hard disk drive does not always guarantee data retrieval. However, the ability to access the disk from your computer is the decisive factor in how possible it is to retrieve information. 

Should your system be unable to access the device, or if software recovery is proving ineffective, you may wish to seek the assistance of a professional data recovery service provider.

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