How to Randomly Pick Winners

If you have your own business social media account or if you just want to build your personal image by organising online contests with winners, you have already noticed that using the best way to choose a random winner can be a struggle. 

If organising a giveaway is a fun thing and can be a fun time, sometimes finding a good way to choose a random winner can make you stress out.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, this article is for you. We will explain how to do so you can be fully relaxed while organising your online contest. 

Why organising giveaways is important for your business and image? 

Sponsoring giveaways can be a perfect way to improve your self-image or the image of your business. This allows you to spread the word about what you do or sell and to become an influence.

You can adapt the prizes you offer according to the number of participants in your online contest. You will need to make sure you consider the number of participants when choosing the way, you pick the winner as well. Some methods may work for contests with less than 500 participants, some tools will be better for bigger numbers. Make sure you check this detail before choosing the tool you’ll be using.

Why is it essential to choose the best way for picking up the winner? 

If you have a business page, you should know how important is to keep it all transparent and to make sure all the process of choosing a winner is explained and shown step by step to your followers. Make sure they will feel involved and correctly treated.

Use a Random Name Picker

One of the best methods you can use is to choose a Random Name Picker that you can easily find online. You will need to be looking for it and easily access it if you have a good internet connection.

How do Random Name Pickers work? 

Choosing to use a Random Name Picker you win a lot of time, as you don’t have to assign different numbers to each participant to the contest, but you can have a winner chosen from the list quickly and surely, in all transparency. To avoid typing each name one by one, you can save your entries in a spreadsheet and then copy paste them into the web form of the Random Name Picker tool that you have chosen.

Take a moment to analyse your situation before choosing a tool to pick up winners 

Before deciding for the tool, you will be using for picking up the winner for your contest, make sure you have in mind the number of participants involved as well as the time you have available for organising the giveaway and choosing the winner when needed.

It is essential to make sure you have the right tool on hand before organising an online contest/ giveaway with random winners. I have seen some contests where winners where not chosen randomly or it did not seem so. There was no total transparency. I have found this not fair and deeply encourage you to look for the greatest tool you can use to make sure your followers will trust you and keep following your work as they will see you as someone serious, who puts passion in what she or he does.

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