Dragon King Fishing is a game of the online fish table genre, simple gameplay to help players entertain after hours of tiring work. Players participating in Dragon King Fishing will compete with other players, overcome obstacles, hunt many fish species to receive rewards.

It’s even more amazing when Dragon King Fishing can be played by mobile or computer. This means that players are not limited in terms of time and space and freely experience Dragon King Fishing as desired.

Introduction about Dragon King Fishing

The way to play Dragon King Fishing is extremely simple, players just need to aim and release bullets. When the health bar on each fish drops, to the point where the fish dies, the player receives a reward based on their payout value.

However, players can not easily hunt fish, they must apply tactics, invest in weapons and know how to seize opportunities. Any player needs to practice and improve their skills to win. Players should remember, Dragon King Fishing is a game based on strength to win bonuses, not based on luck!

How to download Dragon King Fishing

Players need to own a mobile phone with an internet connection, then choose a reputable link to download Dragon King Fishing to the device. The original file will be downloaded to the player’s personal mobile phone.

Next, the player clicks the icon on the screen => Select to grant permission to operate the application => the player chooses the language in the game => learn the features and learn how to use them to improve results of the game.

How to play Dragon King Fishing

Players proceed to log in to their account and select Dragon King Fishing. Usually the website supports players with 3 login methods:

  • Link to WeChat account
  • Quick login (No need to enter account, password)
  • Link to Facebook account

For the first time participating, players will be given a few valuable items by the website. These items will make the process of playing Dragon King Fishing more convenient, they can win more bonuses.

Do not forget to learn how to use guns and other features in the game to kill many fish, get many bonuses.

Tips to play Dragon King Fishing

  • Players choose the appropriate level, apply reasonable tactics for small fish and big fish. Thus the player will get good results, also not wasting bullets.
  • Players should remember that the amount of gold they get is based on the number of fish they kill. So players should upgrade guns, items to kill fish. The higher the gun and weapon level, the stronger the damage.
  • In Dragon King Fishing there will appear characters such as Dragon, Fairy, or octopus, … when the player successfully hunts them, they receive a lot of money and gold. However, these special creatures rarely appear, so players should take advantage of every opportunity to hunt them.


Dragon King Fishing possesses beautiful 3D graphics, simple gameplay and many modes for players to choose from. Currently on the market Dragon King Fishing is the best game in terms of graphics and sound, which can be joined by both iOS and Android operating systems. Players can quickly download the Dragon King Fishing application to their devices and experience the benefits from them. Good luck players!


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