Any logo, whether it’s created independently through Turbologo logo generator or in a professional design studio, should show exactly what your company does. This biggest nonsense repeated in the industry will stifle brand growth. Apple doesn’t have a computer in its logo. Ikea has furniture, and Sony has a television. No glorified brand illustrates what it does. If you want your brand to attract customers, then realize that Logo needs to do a much more important job for you.

Great logos, easily make great money. Poor logos will most often be the source of unconscious costs. But how do you create a logo that will help you grow your business faster? What makes a company logo look impressive and memorable?

How to design a good company logo?

First of all, realize that you will not create a perfect logo. Objectively speaking, such logos, simply do not exist. There isn’t even a color that we all like. Sure, it’s worth surprising customers – but designers too often try to jump over them. In doing so, they get disastrous results.

Timeless logos contain a small number of colors and are very simple. Ensure that your logo is meaningful, original, and creative. In order to help users create creative, memorable logo designs, many sites created AI tools such as a logo maker to help you with the development of your business identity. Contrary to popular belief, the creation of a sign like this requires a lot of experience and knowledge, and it takes much longer than creating a logotype, which is extremely flashy and useless.

What distinguishes legendary logos from average ones?

Here are the 3 main qualities that distinguish legendary logos from the completely average ones. Simplicity, memorability, and timelessness.

  • A simple design makes a logo easily recognizable, versatile, and memorable. A good logo represents something unique but not overdone.
  • After simplicity the next rule is memorability. This effect is given by a simple but relevant design.
  • An effective logo is a timeless logo. To answer the question of whether a logo will still work in 10, 20, or 50 years, you don’t need exceptional genius and design experience. It’s enough to understand the following principles.

Smart rules for creating a creative logo: 7 tips for beginners

Logos by Mahjabin Afrin

Don’t use more than three colors

There are not numerous valuable examples that break this rule. Don’t create an exception to the rule – it just doesn’t pay off, and it may not work. Avoid blatantly bright as well as gloomy colors. And it’s best to know the meaning of colors well.

Don’t use more than two typefaces (Typography)

Use sharp font lines for dynamic companies, and soft fonts for those with a softer feminine character. Edgy fonts connect with the comfort of the product, sharp ones emphasize durability.

Get rid of everything that is not necessary

The ideal logo creation is not defined by the fact that you can’t add anything else. The ideal logo design is characterized by the fact that you can no longer take anything away.

The logo should always look good: small, big, in black and in white (positive/negative)

Make sure that the logo is recognizable when the colors are reversed. And that it is recognizable when reduced in size. The logo won’t always be seen up close, and it’s not just the elderly who have vision problems.

The logo must be memorable

A good logo should be easy to describe over the phone. Something that is easily memorable does not have to be very complicated. Exude confidence and boldness instead of presenting weakness and grayness. When given the choice, always prioritize practicality over originality.

Don’t listen to destructive opinions (children, family, or friends)

Only listen to people who know and understand your customers as well as you do – and those who know what qualities good logos possess. Logo creation should be related to the values your business represents, not follow TV trends.

Don’t combine elements of popular logos

These kinds of things can be seen for what they are. Not only do they look ridiculous, but they can also get you into court. Under no circumstances use ready-made graphics (clip-art). Avoid following the trend.

Conclusion on the rules for creating a creative logo

Of course, disregard any of the above rules for creating a logo if you should be unhappy with your work. You can find successful logos all over the world that break one or more of the rules above. There are many schools of thought on how to make a logo. But these are special cases: exceptionally bold, but also exceptionally good – and exceptionally priced.

3 main mistakes of logo design amateurs

Logos by Mahjabin Afrin

Good knowledge of effective design is never enough: if you decide to commit any company to creating your new image, you should also pay attention to the following list. This will help you save a lot of money.

  • Use of bitmap images. The logo design should be done in a vector graphics program. This gives you the ability to easily rescale the final design and adapt it to different mediums. The mathematically calculated points that makeup vector graphics ensure visual consistency on all media and at all sizes.
  • Start with a monogram. The most common mistake amateur designers make is trying to create a monogram from the initials of a company name. You can certainly check this out, but don’t go too far unless it leads to an original, creative, and memorable solution that reflects the company’s goals.
  • Steal and borrow. Many logo designers only need to make minor changes, such as mirroring or changing letters, to call someone else’s idea their own. This is not only unethical and illegal, but also simply unreasonable – sooner or later the truth will come out, and apart from lawsuits it will cost you no more than creating an entire brand from scratch.


When we talk about creative design, we are referring to the set of processes we must follow to make the design not only creative and personal, but also functional. Creative design that is not functional for a brand is useless.


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