How to get over a disappointment in love on the internet ?

It’s not easy to renounce to someone that you once loved. Specially when that person disappointed you it more hard to bear. Such case are common on internet. After meeting someone on a dating sites, after falling in love, you may the be disappointed. But the real problem is how to get over it. E give you here what to do. 

Express your feeling

This is a powerful way to get over a disappointment in a relationship. Many people make the mistake of denying their feelings or hide them, pretending that everything is fine. This will not help you, better it makes things worse. Expressing how and what you’re feeling will contribute in relieving the pain. One healthy way to do it is to ask ‘’how am I feeling about what happened’’ ?  Get in touch with where you are emotionally and be willing to sit with and connect with yourself.  Name the feeling you are experiencing as objectively as possible. 

Imagine you’re consolation a friend

It may sound weird but it’s a good tip to get over a heartbreak. Consider you’re consolating a friend who just had a sad experience in love and treat yourself as you would have done for that friend. Sometimes, no one understands you as you do yourself. Don’t wait for the comfort to come from outside. Create it in you. As you uncover the feelings that come up for you, offer yourself compassion and loving space, the same way you would if you were consoling a dear friend or loved one dealing with heartbreak. You wouldn’t immediately begin to “talk them out” of their feelings, you would hold space, bringing empathy and tenderness to this universally human experience. Some people are able to overcome their sorrows quickly, by making new acquaintances on

Ask and answer these questions

Once you are clear about your feelings, from a place of true curiosity ask yourself: Why am I disappointed?  Is it because I thought I was “done” dating and wanted to move on to the relationship part?  Is it because I don’t think I can get anyone better?  Is it because I ignored my needs and agreed to casual sex when that wasn’t what I wanted?  Is it because this person gave my life a feeling of excitement that I have been unwilling to create on my own, and now I feel depressed and bored? Answering these questions will get to the root of your part in the breakdown. You will move through the remainder of the experience in a way that heals and opens you up to receiving a healthy, happy  love.

Focus on the Bigger Picture Not The Person or Circumstance

Without seeing the bigger picture, and how our experience is calling upon us to grow, life gets small and each disappointment builds upon the last, creating a state of chronic let down. But, life is about connection, growing and learning lessons along the way. So when faced with a dating disappointment ask yourself the following: What relationship skill am I being invited to cultivate?  Whatever lesson this situation has taught you, resolve to learn it now, so that you do not have to repeat it again.

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