How To Get Meltan In Sword And Shield Everything You Need To Know

Love for Pokemons is never-ending. The same goes for the fastest-selling game on the Nintendo Switch that is Pokemon Sword and Sheild. Here you are going to know how to get Meltan Pokemon in this game. Let’s begin.

Meltan Pokemon

Meltan belongs to the Stell Type mythical Pokemon. It can get evolve into Melmetal. Its evolution is not easy at all but worth it. Now let’s know how to catch this amazing Pokemon.

How To Get Meltan In Sword And Shield Everything You Need To Know

Step No. 1 In Pokemon Go Catch A Meltan

If you have Pokemon Go then it is easy.  You can easily transfer your Pokemon to Let’s Go Titles.  You can easily transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and Sheild.

There is a surprise for you guys. By using Let’s Go Titles you will get Mystery Box as a reward in Pokemon Go. If you have used an Incense then activated this Mystery Box can create Meltan to Spawn around you.It’s like Two birds with one stone.

Step No. 2 In Pokemon Go Evolve Your Meltan.

You need to get Meltan to evolve to Melmeal that requires a whopping 400 candy, which will take a long time to get without access to Mystery Boxes. I know it’s kind of hard as it takes 20km to get just one candy by walking with Meltan. But it’s going to worth it. Believe me, that hard work pays off.

How To Get Meltan In Sword And Shield Everything You Need To Know

Step no .3 Transfer Melmeal from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

From Pokemon Go in Fuchsia City’s Go Park, you can access your transferred Pokemon. You can easily catch a Melmeal as it doesn’t go running away.  Before getting the Melmeal in the Go park you need to talk to the Fortune Teller in the Celadon City Pokemon Center then you can easily change which Nature your Melmetal. Then you can have Transfer your Meltan in Pokemon Sword and Sheild. Simple isn’t it?

Step No. 4 Transfer Melmeal From Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee to Pokemon Home.

When you have Pokemon Home then transferring it is way too easy. Just need to go to Let’s Go then move it to your free Pokemon Home Box.

Step No. 5 Now send your Melmetal to Pokemon Sword and Shield

The last and easiest step is having Melmetal in Pokemon Home. You can easily transfer it From Pokemon Home to Pokemon Sword and Sheild. Now you enjoy playing with Melmetal. I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy.

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