How To Get Mechagodzilla Warzone How to Get Mechagodzilla Warzone?

This post contains interesting facts about Mechagodzilla warzone that will help Call of Duty’s gamers to determine the best way of obtaining it.

Are you passionate about Call of Duty? Do you need a skin bundle to Mechagodzilla’s Call of Duty? Is this a new Warzone Operation Monarch introduction? Warzone Operation Monarch has added a brand new Mechagodzilla Skin bundle to Call of Duty.

Call of Duty’s new addition details are sought out by participants from the United States. Let’s find out How to get Mechagodzilla warzone as well as the new Call of Duty gameplay features.

How to acquire Mechagodzilla Warzone

  • Here are a few steps that will allow you to gain Mechagodzilla Warszone.
  • The Mechagodzilla bundle of Warzone is currently hidden behind a huge barrier.
  • After you purchase Skin Bundles of Godzilla you can also buy Skin Bundles of Mechagodzilla.
  • To unlock each bundle, you will need 2400 Cod points. 20 USD is required to unlock 2400 COD Points.
  • Warzone users must pay 60 USD for Mechagodzilla.

Operation Monarch’s participants struggle to survive when they have to evade Godzilla and Kong’s Titan powers in Mechagodzilla SKIN WARZONE. In the following section, we will discuss operation monarch.

Operation Monarch still in operation?

Operation Monarch takes place now in the War Zone. It is also known as Godzilla during the Godzilla vs. Kong battle. These enormous creatures also travel to Caldera. Operators must avoid the fervor of their fierce attacks to win the royale war. Many Call of Duty players are unsure how to get it. It can be bought in the in-game shops.

It also contains the three most recent Operator Bundles as well several Operation Monarch themed awards. We’ll now discuss how to obtain the Skin Bundle.

How to Get Mechagodzilla Warzone?

Participants can purchase the Skin Bundles of Kong & Godzilla from the in-game store. However, it can be difficult to unlock Mechagodzilla. These are the steps to unlock Warzone Operation Monarch’s Mechagodzilla.

Participants can use Kong or Godzilla against others by using a kill streak called S.C.R.E.A.M. After you have purchased the bundle, the web page redirects to a new popup saying, “Buy Multiple Bundles and Earn Rewards.”

Naturally, this upsets the community because it seems unreasonable for gamers to lock in a great event’s pack behind a steep price. But it could be a bug. The Mechagodzilla Warszone Bundlemenu can be used to unlock Mechagodzilla.

What happens after purchasing a Skin Bundle

After you have attempted to obtain the Skin Bundle it redirects to a new website that offers a prompt to “Buy Multiple Bundles, Get Rewards” to help you purchase the Skin Bundle. Once you’ve purchased the Skin Bundle of Godzilla the pop-up will direct you to Skin Bundle of Kong.

If you purchase both of the Skin Bundles the pop-up will redirect to the Skin Bundle Mechagodzilla. This is the best way to get the new Skin Bundle.


Call of Duty: The Call of Duty: The New Addition is Enticing Its Players They are eager to find How To Get Mechagodzilla warzone. The in-game store sells the Skin Bundle.

But, this is the only way to get Warzone Bundle. It is possible to buy it. Also, you can read here for more information on purchasing Warzone Bundle.

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