How to Get Hippomelon Pet Sim X What is Hippomelon?

Have you ever redeemed the The Hippomelon Sim in X mechanisms? If you’re looking for it, read this article to find the most recent information on the pet.

Are you a fan of this Pet Simulator series? You should be aware of its most recent information. We have also listed the game’s top pet in this article.

Pet Simulator is admired by numerous users from PhilippinesCanadaUnited Kingdom as well as in the United States, and is currently receiving more praise. In addition, this game has sister chapters that include a lot of important objects. Therefore, in this article we will show how to get the Hippomelon pet SimX in greater detail. So, make sure to read the post for a while to gain the most accurate information.

What is Hippomelon?

It’s a exclusive pet that is available in Pet Simulator X, included in the game in order to commemorate this April Fool’s Day. In the end, it is this item is included in the game is the April Fools Update. In the update, participants are required to accomplish tasks in order to obtain the desired pets, however, they’re only accessible for a specific time.

How Do I Get Your Pet?

We’ve previously advised you to finish the steps to get Hippomelon Pet. While searching on Hippomelon Pet Sim X Value We found the steps for claiming and instructions, so please follow them carefully.

  • Post The April Fools’ Comment In The Chat Section

We observed that at first, players needed to start the game, then type in the phrase.

Then, you can distribute your five pets to family members or other random people. However, be sure not to ask another player to exchange any items.

  • Combine Three Merry Elves

The Festive Elf is another pet that you must combine three. After completing the tasks listed above you will be awarded the pet.

What is The Hippomelon Sim the X value ?

Our investigation revealed that the price of the item around 3,000,000 diamonds. Therefore, in the following section we will lead you through the process by which you can get the item in a short time. Therefore, be sure to look throughout the article for useful information.

Keynotes For The Item

Below are the distinct characteristics of the Hippomelon, so be sure to take note of them.

  • Hippomelon is believed to be influenced by the Watermelon item from Pet Simulator 1.
  • The item is almost identical to Crocodile.
  • In the how to Get Hippomelon Pet Sim X threads revealed that the messages of many players were gathered onto discord servers used by the game to help retrieve the pet.
  • It is among the most costly pets that users can acquire without spending a cost.

Exhibiting The Game

Pet Simulator X, usually called PSX is the third component in the Pet Simulator Series. The game is played by players must assemble coins and gems in order to create special pets.


This article reviewed the how-to get the Hippomelon Pet Simulator X procedure and its essential information. We found that this pet is primarily accessible after the month of April Fool’s Day.

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