How to Get Destiny 2 Retold Tale Legendary Shotgun? Everything You Need To Know

Destiny 2 Retold Tale Legendary Shotgun returning to the season of chosen makes many players reminisce their memories. Even though Felwinter’s Lie may still command the Crucible, Retold Tale can be very useful for its money with a good amount of practice.

How to find the Destiny 2 Retold Tale Legendary Shotgun?

Destiny 2 Retold Tale

To get Destiny 2 Retold Tale Legendary Shotgun, Players are needed to get to Dreaming City and finish all the activities there. These activities can be the completion of the Blind well, Public events, Opening World chests, and finishing all the Bounties which can result in getting the shotgun as a reward.

Destiny 2 Retold Tale

There are even other ways to get the shotgun which is by running the Shattered Throne dungeon and opening the chests during that activity.

The other important thing after finding the Shotgun is to find a good roll from the random pool of the perks that Retold Tale can drop with. The Retold Tale now in the new season comes with new perks such as Dual Loader and Surplus.

Perks needed for PvP Focused Destiny 2 Retold Tale shotgun

Destiny 2 Retold Tale

The perks that are required are Full choke and Rifled Barrel which will increase the effective one-shot range and also feed Accurized Rounds that will increase the overall Range. Quickdraw to allow players to switch weapons very fastly and Slideways to all to reload while sliding. Lastly, Snapshot sights to increase the speed which players can aim down sights while killing wind which will cause kills with the weapon a buff movement speed and range.

Perks needed for PvE Focused Destiny 2 Retold Tale shotgun

Destiny 2 Retold Tale

The perks that are needed are Full chock which can be combined with Accurized Rounds or Assult Mag to improve range or rate of fire. Some of the players recommend going with Appended mag to Tactical mag. A quickdraw is a useable option for the third perk when the last perk can be Demolitionist.

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