How to get Ace of Spade Catalyst in Destiny 2: April 2021 Trick

Destiny 2 has a huge name in the shooting game world, it is one of the best games out there if you’re into shooting, and it has a plethora of weapons to choose from and Ace of Spade is one such amazing weapon, and here’s a detailed guide for you about the weapon.

Guide for Ace of Spade:

Ace of spade was introduced in the game Destiny 2: Forsaken, it’s a hand cannon. The weapon is very impressive and is perfect for a headshot, it can literally explode your enemy’s head with a headshot, and plus point the reload is very quick and it also deals bonus damage after you get a kill (using Memento Mori).

destiny 2 ace of spades catalyst

This terrific weapon can be obtained through Cayde Will’s quest as it is used by Cayde-6, a weapon specially built for him by the gunsmith Banshee-44 (from where you get the weapon in the tower) The rarity of this weapon is ‘exotic’ and slot ‘kinetic’.

All that being known about this amazing weapon it works even more phenomenally with a catalyst.

Ace of Spade Catalyst :

Catalysts in the game are to basically improve the power, it makes the weapon and the character both more powerful. There are different ways of getting a catalyst and many weapons in the new edition of the game have cataylst. You can get these by completing quests and missions like completing strikes, nightfalls, either by getting kills or simply completing them and after you finish that you’ll get it as a reward.

destiny 2 ace of spades catalyst

After getting the catalyst, to keep it charged you’ll have to get at least 500 kills, that being done you’ll get increased firefly damage with the Memento Mori perk being active, the damage then done by the hand cannon will be massive and your enemies will be down in no time.

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