Lost Packages: How to Find Them

At one point or another, we have all had to deal with trying to find a lost package, and this is very often accompanied by the feeling of frustration that comes with undergoing lots of stressful processes. Although some online shopping platforms take responsibility for lost packages, it can be initially difficult to tell if your package has been lost. In most cases, clients are completely unaware of a lost package until after days or weeks have passed since the due delivery date.

Retrieving Lost Packages

Fortunately, there are various ways for customers to track down their missing shipments, from the date of order to the date of delivery. In this article, we will cover some tips for finding lost items on any online shopping platform. You can use Ordertracker for tracking parcels from all the posts worldwide, like the China post tracking services. Details are more accurate on the tracking website compared to the official China post tracker. 

Use tracking numbers 

A tracking number is a number assigned to a package when shipped. Each parcel has a unique number that is uniquely assigned to it—this means that no two packages have the same number. Your tracking number can sometimes consist of a combination of both letters and alphabets. The usefulness of a tracking number lies in its functionality in helping you know the location of your package.

Thanks to technological advancement, a parcel tracking tool website has been integrated into China Post tracking. This allows you to locate your parcel anywhere in the world. The tool has been designed with very simple intuitiveness so that the user experience is easy – all you need to do is copy and paste your tracking number in the search bar and press “Enter.” Information relating to your package would be displayed in a timeline format, and automatically transcribed into a readable language.

Report the lost package to the shopping platform

Another practical way to find your package is to report the lost package to the company you ordered it from. However, before doing this, you need to first check the delivery status of your order. If it hasn’t been delivered yet and you haven’t received any tracking information from the platform, then contact the customer service department.

Ask your neighbors if they received the package

Sometimes, addresses can be mixed up. If your package is lost and your delivery status reads “delivered,” it is most likely that it was sent to a different address. You might consider asking your neighbors if they received the package. You might also try asking them to check their mailbox for any mail that may have been left behind by accident.Look around the area where mail carriers usually deliver mail (such as at bus stops or outside stores). The package may have been delivered by mistake, or maybe the delivery man left it in the wrong place. Furthermore, check your mailbox for any packages that may have been mistakenly sent to another address (for example, if an old address has changed).

Maybe someone else signed it

If you do not have a tracking number, you should contact the person who signed the package and ask them if they received it. If they did, ask them if they could ship it back to you.


Lost packages are an unfortunate reality for many people. However, the above methods will help to find them. Do not forget to report the package to the shopping platform as soon as you notice it is lost. Remember to ask your neighbors if they received it or if someone else signed for it. Thirdly, look around the delivery location. Finally, use the China Post tracking platform to personally find your package anywhere in the world. The parcel tracking tool this platform uses is compatible with over 800 global posts, making it possible to find information on any package.


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