Today we are all living in the third decade of the twenty- first century and there’s no denying the fact that our mobile phones are our best friends, and we just can’t do without our cellular devices. 

We spend a large amount of time with our phones, and it’s actually the mobile apps that we are all engrossed in. However now that our phones are brimming with apps, it’s indeed a Herculean task to find the most frequently used apps, and this is especially the case with iPhone users, but fret not as we at Zazz are here to your rescue. We stand tall amongst all the other mobile app developer companies and today we’ll guide you on how to find iPhone app, that you most use at lightning speed. We are sure going to enlighten you on how to find my phone iphone app, and so without any further ado, let’s get started with our insightful and comprehensive blog.

How to Find Apps on iPhone ?

• The first method to find my app iPhone and thereby figure out which app one spends the most time on is via the Screen Time settings. This option is present at the top of the Settings app. 

This setting then displays a second chart which exhibits the screen time, and highlights the usage both over the week and day. This chart would exhibit the general usage of an iPhone user, be it for social networking or for entertainment purposes. Underneath this is a list of the most useful apps for iPhone. Herein if you check the iphone apps, then each of the app reflects a time that is mentioned right next to it, and users have the discretion to scroll back to the previous pictures. 

• The second method on how to use find on iPhone and how to get apps on my iPhone is via the battery setting option. When you click on the menu, then you’ll observe a chart of the battery charge level of your iPhone in the past 24 hours and also of the last ten days. Now once you scroll down from this menu, you’ll find the “Battery Usage by App” option. Herein this shows you exactly how much battery power has each app consumed by itself. And well the greater the battery consumption of an iOS app, the more is its overall use.

• To add to this, in order to find phone app on iPhone, there’s the “See All Activity” option. This little trick works well and it would highlight exactly how much time a user has spend with each of his iPhone mobile applications that are on the screen or in the background. 
And well this was all. Now in case you’ll ever wonder how to check find my iPhone, then you can try all the aforementioned routes in order to know which applications have you spent the most time on. However should you ever wish to hire an iPhone developer, then look no further as Zazz is your ultimate destination. We create the finest and the most engrossing iPhone apps that pull users on the edge of their seats and the users remain engaged for hours at a stretch. We have assisted innumerable businesses operating in varied industry verticals and our feature rich and robust apps speaks volumes about our unparalleled prowess. So do get in touch, should you ever wish to hire a dedicated iOS app developer. Also contact us today for a free one on one consultation.


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