The Declasse Scramjet gta is proof of the fact that greatest inventions happen accidentally . No one had imagined that we needed to fly thirty feet into the air, in a hyper-stylized retro car with turbo boosters on the side. But now that we have it, and have seen the potential it has, there is no going back.

What is Scramjet in gta

The Declasse Scramjet is a customized weapon vehicle. It was featured on Grand Theft Auto Online After Hours update. The update was released on August 21st, 2018, during the Scramjet Week event.

Scramjet gta: Design

The design of Scramjet is inspired from the popular 1960s Anime series Speed Racer. The front and rear fenders of Scramjet are quite similar to the Alfa Romeo 33/2 Coupé Speciale.

The Scramjet is distinguishable through its curved and sleek profile. It has a trident-like front end. It also has small intakes on either side. On the outer edges, it houses large circular lamps behind glass casings.

scramjet gta Location, Price and Top Speed


The hood area is slightly rounded. On the sides, the fenders come with a bulkier profile on the upper side. They also have triangular inset areas in proximity to the wheels. The cabin area is an open top. It features a curved windshield which is aligned with the door windows. You can see sharp fins directly behind the seats.

The rear comes with a concave profile. It is similar to the front end. In the rear it has rectangle-shaped tail lights and also has exhausts, which also acts as rocket boosters.

The vehicle is also loaded with machine guns and missile launchers.

Scramjet gta: Weaponry

scramjet gta Location, Price and Top Speed

The Scramjet comes with dual forward-facing fixed machine guns. They mostly behave like front-facing machine guns from several other vehicles. They can deliver moderate damage against targets on foot and vehicles.

It also has a Missile Launcher. It comes with two homing missile launchers. These missiles have good tracking capabilities against most targets. The launchers have a tiny decreased fire rate. It takes 1.5 seconds to fire the next missile in comparison to other vehicles. Also, they have a limited capacity of 30 missiles.

Scramjet: Price and Location

scramjet gta Location, Price and Top Speed

You can purchase The Declasse Scramjet from Warstock Cache & Carry for $4,628,400. If you win a round in the Adversary Mode Hunting Pack, then you get it for $3,480,000.

You can also get the vehicle in some events in Grand Theft Auto Online. You could also win it from the Lucky Wheel in the Casino during the GTA Online Bonuses event.

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