How to Find Good Character Names in Your Screenplay

Authors have always tried to find a great topic for their books, a topic that surprises and fulfills expectations of the readers at the same time. When they are writing a new novel, they are most of the times interested in a few points that they need to work  on: they need to find a great storyline, a great story to tell, in other words. This is the first thing each writer is thinking about when planning to write a book. As it follows, writers will think about characters and names for those characters. They need to take the good decision for each character’s name, which will be a sort of a description for a positive or a negative character. 

How to find the right names for your characters? 

But of course, the question is: if names are so important in a story, then how to find the perfect name for your characters? 

Finding the good names quickly has never been easier

Many screenplay writers have said that what best helps them is to use an online tool which allows them to find the names they need for their books in no time. It has never been easier to write a book. Especially with Random Name Generator, the best tool to provide you with right characters’ names and help you finish your book quicker. 

Go the traditional way: make a list and choose the best option 

You could go the traditional way by making lists of numerous names that come to your mind and then pick one randomly or consciously. But this will take a lot of your time, especially if it takes a long time for you to take decisions. However, this method comes with advantages, as you take part of the process and can enjoy it, but only if you have more time for the preparation before writing.

Organise a brainstorming with your family and friends  

Another way that you can find names for your characters is to talk with friends and relatives that could help you. More minds are always finding better solutions. Ask your friends to join you for a coffee one morning or afternoon, and have a brainstorming for your new coming book. You’ll be surprised to see how many ideas some of your friends have. And maybe next time you’ll directly call them, without losing more time to search for the correct name. 

All in all, the best options to quickly find good names for your characters are to use some automatically generated names by online tools such as Random Name Generator. Besides, these tools are now free, so the best you can do is to enjoy using them staring with today. Give that a try and let your friends who also write know about these time gaining helpers! Having some extra time when writing a book, between many other activities we all often have, is a huge advantage. Technology can be our best friend if we allow it to be.

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