Technological advancement coupled with emerging issues has led to remote work. This arrangement allows you to work away from the office and is widely accepted, although many employers feel employee productivity might be affected. For that reason, they use corporate time trackers to monitor their employees. However, these applications come with the risk of micromanagement and busy work, among others. Here are the most efficient ways how to beat the trackers and freely work.

Automate mouse movements

The first is automating your mouse movements. There are two ways to do this. The first one entails using a battery-operated toy, and you will install a special tool in the second method. Using a remote-controlled toy is possible if you use an external mouse. This toy will drag the mouse around and trick the monitoring tool into recording screen activities. The second most effective is to download mouse jiggler. This application will automatically move your cursor, tricking the tracker. 

Use windows as a trick

This method involves using two windows, one for something you intend to do and a work-related one. For instance, you can open a social media platform and minimize MS word or Excel over it. The minimized window will trick the monitoring tool into detecting its activity instead of the larger window. However, it will help to know that there are trackers that can identify this trick. In addition, it requires a lot of caution as you can be easily caught. 

Set up remote access

Alternatively, you can set up remote access on your work computer. You will install the monitoring tool on the work computer, set up the remote access client, and then connect it to your second computer. The time tracker will only show activities on the work computer as you attend to other activities on the second computer. This method is more effective than using a two- PC set-up, which can be tedious. 

Time the screenshots

The monitoring applications take computer screenshots periodically. You can cheat the system by timing when the tool captures your screen, but you must know the exact intervals. This method can be effective in applications with specific intervals. However, it can be challenging if your employer uses a tool that takes random screenshots. Therefore, it will help first to understand your employer’s tool and learn about it before settling on this method. 

Change the time tracker’s codes

You can change the monitoring tool’s codes. This method, however, requires some coding knowledge. You can customize the software to identify and track specific activities on your computer. Although challenging, you can use this equally efficient method with the right skill set. 


Working remotely is fun, but fear of low productivity has pushed employers to use time trackers. Although well intended, these trackers can demoralize you and make you busy instead of productive. Luckily, you can trick the tracker if you download mouse jiggler, which automatically moves the cursor to keep the screen active. You can also opt for the other methods you have read in this article. Do so today and enjoy working at your own pace.


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