How to Download City of Heroes Homecoming: Everything You Want to Know

City of Heroes: Homecoming or famously know as CoH is a MMO that has gained huge fan following over the years. The game is set in a city named “Paragon city” and after it’s gates were closed in 2012 the game has finally returned with a bang and fans have been really anticipated to experience the city and explore the game again.

The game provides with lots of cool character customization that you can choose from you can either be a superhero or a supervillain and shape your character however you want.

city of heroes homecoming download

How to install the game:

  • First you will have to download Tequila it’s official launcher for the game’s server.

To download the client click : https:/patch.savecoh.com/tequila.exe

  • Go to your drive and make a new folder for the game and Place Tequila into a folder you want to keep the files in once they are downloaded.
  • Now, visit the CoH forum and fill out for registration and then make an account in the forum. (the previous game’s account won’t work you’ll have to make a new one)

Click to go to forum : Homecoming Forum

  • Boot up Tequila and start the downloading process, once you download the file boot the game and click on play.
  • Fill the account details and enjoy the game!
  • Further you’ll be given option to select server, choose any the game is so in demand that you’ll find a lot people to play with.

city of heroes homecoming download

The game is very engaging and you must definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

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