Practically every person on the planet has at least one smartphone. They can play anywhere and anytime. The best feature of every phone is its play store. Every mobile phone user gets a unique game that delivers a great experience. Buildbox game development services make it easy to create new games. Buildbox does not require any coding and has delivered more than 100 games on a single occasion. The build box platform requires that you follow certain steps in order to create a mobile game.

Get started with Buildbox

Download the buildbox to begin creating the game. You can choose from the templates already installed, including wall jumps, jetpacks, 360 shooters and running. You can also try starting from scratch. You will receive a fully-functional prototype of the game after selecting the template. This can then be edited and improved as necessary. This platform allows you to create your game by simply dragging and dropping a feature at the desired place. You can also modify the features by adding their features such as speed and distance. There are many options available in the build box. The video tutorials will guide you through each step. Tutorials can be accessed for both 2D and 3D .

Make use of your art

Your own artwork can be used to give your content a unique look. You have two options: either hire an expert in this area who is affordable and creative, or you can create your own graphic program. Drag the graphics to their desired position and then locate them.

Always access on Performance Edge

The most important part of a mobile platform is game performance. This must be treated with care. Remember that mobile users have limited access to the game and may only have a short time. To increase performance, you should include a pause option to pause the game when there is an immediate need. Unnecessary functions should be removed from the game. This can cause delays in processing and memory. You should limit the images you add to your game. They can take up memory space so keep them simple.

Conduct tests and re-test repeatedly

When your game has been completed, search for bugs and then try to fix it using debug mode. Ask friends and family for a free test and get their feedback. The color scheme and graphics should be operational at some point.

Hire to Curb the Best with Buildbox

Pearl Lemon Games is here to help you if you ever find it difficult to create a game.


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