Many students study marketing and want to tie their careers to it, but they hate writing topic essays. They may have a fundamental knowledge of the industry, but they just don’t know how to put their thoughts on paper. If you are one of these students, don’t rush to despair and turn to online essay writing services. We have prepared tips and recommendations for you that will make marketing essay writing easier. You just need to follow our instructions. 

Decide on a topic

Working on an essay begins with choosing or analyzing, and understanding a given topic. How can you write a decent essay if you don’t understand the topic? That’s why it’s so important to choose a subject with maximum responsibility. If you can select a topic on your own, you should pay attention to the areas of marketing that you are familiar with or that you are interested in and would like to learn more about. When choosing a topic on your own, you should determine whether it is relevant to your study, whether you can find reliable sources for your writing, whether your work will be useful, and if it will have some value for the audience. 


If your teacher gives you a topic for your essay, you should analyze it, talk to your teacher, and discuss whether you understand your objectives correctly. 

Any essay begins with understanding the topic. It is very important to know what you should write about. Marketing topics should be carefully analyzed. If the instructor has given you a topic, your job is to figure out what is required of you. Before the dialogue with the teacher, you can review the keywords and determine what research you may need to do to complete the essay successfully. 

Conduct a research

Before writing your essay, you have to dive deep into your research topic. You can search articles and materials on the Internet or rely on a more classical option and head to a library. However, both methods can be helpful. It’s vital to use only credible and reliable sources (forget about Wikipedia) and study various viewpoints.

Like any science, marketing relies on the dogmas and theories that underlie it. That’s why it’s important to reach out to marketing experts. There is no need to disperse yourself and list all the famous personalities associated with marketing. It is enough to choose two or three experts. You need to study their approaches and see if they are relevant to your topic. Any marketing direction has its theories, and you should apply them in your work. 

You should also not omit to use examples of various companies in your work (both positive and negative). 

You have to take notes of interesting concepts and write down your ideas while gathering the material for your essay. Do not forget to save those sources you plan to cite in your work. It will save you time in the future. You should also pay attention to the citing style required at your school. You can get lower scores for improper citing format. 

Don’t go overboard with sources. If you have a requirement to use up to five resources, do not assume that your list of ten sources will impress the instructor. Marketing is a science that is evolving so rapidly, so try to use materials that are no more than five years old. Anything older may be irrelevant. 

Come up with a thesis statement

Just like any other academic essay, your paper on marketing requires a thesis statement. It’s a heart and the main idea of your work that will pierce through your essay. In order to come up with a strong thesis, you have to generate ideas and narrow them down to the strongest one. If you feel stuck at this stage, you can try such techniques as freewriting, brainstorming, and grouping your ideas. 

Make a plan 

Once you have collected the necessary data and formulated your thesis statement, you can make a plan. Use your outline and highlight the main arguments and reasoning. You need to organize your thoughts in the right order — introduction, main part, conclusions. 

Get inspired 

Don’t despair if you realize that you can’t find the right words to begin your marketing essay, present your argument convincingly, or have trouble putting together a structure. Fear of a blank page haunts even the most experienced writers. In this case, you may be inspired by the work of other students or experts in the field. You can look them up in the archives or on the Internet. Analyze their course of thought what constructions and methods of analysis they used in their articles. Being inspired by the works of others, you may have ideas for writing your own essay. 

Writing a draft 

It’s as simple as a famous sports brand’s slogan — Just do it. Reread all your notes again and start writing your reflections, following the plan. At this point, don’t try to pick out the perfect words. Don’t pay attention to grammatical and punctuation errors, but simply express your thoughts on paper. After working on data collection and other stages for a long time, you should spit out everything that has accumulated in your head as quickly as possible and put the essay aside. After finishing the first draft, forget about it for a couple of hours and do something else (ideally, rest). 

Time to edit

Once you’ve changed activities, you’re ready to get back to work on your marketing essay. Reread your paper carefully and keep track of your logical chains, coherence, and consistency. Rewrite the parts you don’t like. Reading a second time, correct any mistakes and typos you find. You can also use a variety of online text-checking services. The third time, read your work out loud. This way, you will be able to spot any rustles and cumbersome constructions in your essay. If you still have doubts about your grammar and the presence of errors, you can use a simple tip — read your work from the end. That way, you will look at each sentence separately rather than as a structural continuation in the essay. When you are satisfied with your work, check that the citations and footnotes in your work are correct.



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