When relocating to a new place, whether locally or across the country, hiring full-service storage in Brooklyn professional is often the best way to ensure a swift, cost-effective, well-organized and less stressful move. Most shipping companies will provide packing, loading, transport and even unloading help.

However, choosing an unprofessional or wrong shipper will make the whole transition process a nightmare. For this reason, you need to hire a good shipping and storage company. So, how do you make this choice? No matter the specialized needs your relocation plans might require, there are different factors that will help you decide how good, and professional a shipping company is. 

In this guide, we discuss these variables so you can learn how to choose the right moving company. 

  1. Get referrals

The first helpful tip on how to choose movers is to rely on word-of-mouth from loved ones than someone you don’t know. Referrals from loved ones are powerful tools that point you in the best direction because it comes from a person you can trust. Plus, it saves you the time of having to shop for long-distance shipping companies yourself. You can also take a look at https://eckertsmoving.com/.

  1. Follow the rules of three.

If you’re thinking of moving across state lines, shopping for one transport company won’t usually cut. Some shippers might disregard the weight and even the number of things you need to ship only to offer quotes they feel is right. Plus, some won’t offer valuation plans that would cover your cargo in case it gets damaged. Others might even offer low-ball piecing that differs from what legitimate movers offer. Hence, you should research 3 different companies before choosing anyone. This way, you won’t easily fall for a moving scam, and you’ll also find the service that best favors you. 

  1. Look out for suspicious behaviour.

While there are some legitimate services you will find today, 50% of the shipping company you will find are scammers looking to make quick cash from you. You need to be wary of these scammers to avoid falling victim to their acts. Some red flags that indicate an illegitimate contractor includes:

  • Refusal to sign a contract
  • Change address and business name often
  • Lack of valuation and insurance coverage for the cargo
  • They have no online website or physical address
  • They offer low-ball quotes
  • Lack of customer feedback 
  • They ask for huge deposits before the departure date
  • Lack of license information 
  1. Verify the mover’s license and insurance status

Another tip on how to choose a removal company is to make sure they are legally licensed by the state or federal government transport body to carry out their business within the state lines.  

Domestic or international shippers will usually have a license number issued by the Department of Transportation. If you observe that the company you choose lacks this number, rule them out of your list because they might be fraudsters.  

  1. Verify from the Better Business Bureau

One of the best ways to know whether a transport company is government licensed and legal is to research feedbacks. You could check on online platforms like Google and Yelp, but the trust is that one can easily manipulate data there. Rather, visit the Better Business Bureau’s online platform to get reliable comments and reviews about the company. Here, you not just find good or bad reviews, but you also get to know if the company’s past customers filed a complaint against the company. 

  1. Enquire about qualification and experience

For movers to competently transport your belongings, they need to have the required experience and expertise. But, how do you know one that is qualified and professionally trained? You need to enquire about their professional certifications. A good moving service will possess at least one professional accreditation to show how their expertise in their job roles. If the shippers have been in the business for long, they might have the required qualifications your relocation demands. 

  1. Check the Address

If you are thinking about how to choose a long-distance moving company, the next significant factor to consider is how reliable the business address is. An illegal removal contractor will provide a fake address because they think you won’t verify. Since you know how they work, it’s best always to confirm if the address they offer is authentic. You also need to verify the company’s name, website, phone number, and even the email in this process. 

  1. Get estimates

Estimates tell you the cost of the transit. When shippers draw this plan, they consider the destination to the weight of the cargo, amount of goods and many more. When requesting for estimates, keep in mind that any company that asks you to pay some amount just for initial quotes are swindlers. Getting a penned moving quote is your right and it is also free. 

If you will request for a moving company quotes from the transport company, for instance, the Stark Moving and Storage company at https://starkmovers.com/get-a-quote/, make sure to scan or read through it. Then ask questions on pricing to escape any hidden fees. The next thing you need to consider is whether the estimate is a binding, non-binding or non-binding to exceed estimate. The one you choose will determine how many services you get and the risks covered. 

  1. Get a written contract.

Don’t rely on word-of-mouth or verbal pacts from movers. Rather, get the price quote written and emailed to you. From the actual cost of the long-distance transit to any possible discount and valuation cover they offer. This step saves you from being liable for damages to your cargo and saves you the stress of paying additional fees. 

Find the professionals to aid in your next transition.

Before settling on any shipping company, you have to consider all these factors to avoid being a victim to fraudsters. We hope that this guide on how to pick a good moving company will help you make the right choice for your next transit.


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