How Many People are Playing Wildstar: Everything You Want to Know

An exciting fantasy, science-fiction game, Wildstar is a massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game. The game was produced by Carbine Studios and published by NCSoft. It was released in June, 2014 with subscription but was changed to free play in September, 2015.

The events in WildStar took place on a fictional planet called Nexus. Here a mysterious and powerful race which was called the Eldan have disappeared suddenly, with a wealth of technology and secrets left behind. As a player you have to explore the planet to unveil the secret technology.

 how many people are playing wildstar

On September 6, 2018, Wildstar fans were left devastated when NCSoft announced the immediate shut down of Carbine Studios. The immediate shutdown of the studio also began WildStar’s process of winding down.

An exact date for the game’s shut-down was not given but later on, in November, 2018 the game was finally dead.

Why was Wildstar cancelled?

After a few years of its release due to some unfortunate circumstances the massively popular game was cancelled. The news of cancellation shook the loyal players. But it had become evident that sooner or later the game would be shut down.

The main reason behind the game’s cancellation was it alienated a huge number of players. The harder raids and missions were unfavorable for a large number of players who eventually stopped playing. Instead of easy and playable approach, the game ahd a hardcore approach.

 how many people are playing wildstar

Another reason was that Carbine studios had some major mismanagement issues. Fans and the gaming community suspected for a long time that the studio was not running the game effectively.

Wildstar also failed at promotions and marketing. The people at Wildstar failed in doing both, promoting the game on a massive level and providing engaging and exciting content to its players. The studio didn’t hold on its creative marketing approach which ultimately led to the cancellation of the game.

Lastly, the game just didn’t have much creative content to begin with. The game started with a great sci-fi narrative but due to mismanagement it never went in the right direction. Players ended up waiting for a long time for some new content. And when you only offer repeated content to long time players, they are obviously bound to leave.

 how many people are playing wildstar

Wildstar: Subscribers and daily player population

The estimated number of Wildstar subscribers is 1.39 million. Alas, because of being shut down, Wildstar doesn’t have any active daily players.

An interesting fact to be noted is that WildStar is currently showing subscribers because of its algorithm. The algorithm predictions are based on the popularity of the game on social media platforms, the sentiment and the trends.

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