How Long To Beat Among The Sleep

Among the Sleep is a survival horror action adventure game, which is developed by Krillbite for Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game was released on 29th of May 2014 in North America.  The sleep enhanced edition of the game was released for PC in 2017. In 2019, it was released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

How Long To Beat Among The Sleep


‘Among the Sleep’ is a first person game. The game is seen from the view of a toddler. The player can use the cursor to walk or to crawl around.

For most part of the game, the player is accompanied by a Teddy bear. The bear is named Teddy. Teddy is a birthday present by the father to the toddler.All through the game, the player is haunted by two monsters in the first three levels and in the final level by a trench coat wearing figure.

The game is linear and involves the movement from point A to B.


The story is set in 1990s. A toddler named David is celebrating his second birthday with his mother Zoey. He is gifted a Teddy bear by his father. The father and mother of the child are divorced.The bad ending of the story was scrapped from it, but it was placed in the enhanced edition of the game.

How  long to beat ‘Among the Sleep’.

The main story takes more than two hours to get completed. With main plus extras it takes around three hours and twelve minutes. For completionist, it is three and half hours, and for all styles it is two and half hours.

The whole game is a mix of child’s perspective and imagination, with the nature of dreams. But one of these things is an interesting premise for an adventure with horror and terror.

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