How Long Does Bioshock 2 length Needed to Beat? Everything You Need To Know

The BioShock series is the best selling game of all times. After the great success of the game in 2007, 2K Games developed its sequel BioShock 2. The game still is as popular as all other modern games. BioShock 2 takes place in Rapture, an underwater city.

Bioshock 2 length Needed to Complete

The game revolves round Subject Delta, who is trying to reunite with Eleanor. Subject Delta will have to face off against Eleanor’s mother. For most of the players, the entire campaign will take eleven hours normally. This is less compared to the original Bioshock. And if you are setting the difficulty level to hard mode, the story can be extended to 13 hours.bioshock 2 length

Players can purchase extra upgrades for Subject Delta while searching Rapture. The power ups have various effects, like improving the effects of tonics.

Bioshock players can spend more time digging deep into the story and DLC,in their return to Rapture. BioShock 2 is set almost a decade after the original game.If you are trying to purchase all upgrade stations, it will add another three or four hours to the story, which will make it 14.5 hours on an average.

DLC Stories.

Audio diaries are available for most dedicated players. BioShock 2 also offers single player DLC stories:  the Protector Trials and Minvera’s Den. Players can take the role of many other Big Daddy models. They can explore other undiscovered parts of Rapture. These stories are side stories, but remain as individual stories related to the main story.

If the player is attempting to complete these two DLC  stories, it can add around seven more hours to the story. This will make it twenty nine hours of the whole story. BioShock 2 is now available now on  PS4,PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3. The game is worth playing. You can enjoy the game to the fullest.

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