How Does Technology Help You To Improve Your Dog’s Health?

We put our phones away because of the dogs. They fully and utterly live in the present. However, just as our lives have grown in terms of technology, so too has our relationship with our dogs. Technology advancements have made it possible to extend the lives of our canine best friends and to improve our understanding of them.

Longer and Happier Lives are the Result of Advances in Veterinary Medicine.

Thanks to improvements in medical technology, veterinary medicine has evolved similarly to human medicine. Visits to the veterinarian no longer only involve immunizations and neutering.

At the NorthStar VETS trauma, emergency, and speciality hospital in NJ or New Jersey, Kelly Johnson, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, provided many illustrations of how advancements in medical science and technology have enhanced the quality of life and lives of our companions:

“Our surgical staff operates on animals using laparoscopic and arthroscopic techniques. They are executing total cruciate repairs and hip replacements on the orthopaedic front. The radiology team uses CT scans, ultrasounds, radiographs, and MRI scans to diagnose canines.”


Microchips are a small piece of technology that, despite being nothing new, significantly contributes to the welfare of animals by assisting in reuniting separated dogs and cats and their owners. In the US and Canada, the majority of pets acquired from shelters have their microchips implanted, and veterinarians can also complete the surgery.

An animal’s skin is gently punctured between its shoulder blades with a microchip the size of a rice grain. Once registered with the manufacturer, the animal parent’s name, phone number, and address are provided.

You should get in touch with the manufacturer if your pet is stolen or lost so that they can update the information on your dog or cat’s profile. In order to be reunited with his owners, a missing animal brought to a clinic or shelter is checked for a microchip.

Animal Cams

Dog and cat parents also use nanny cams to watch over their pets while they are at home alone, despite the fact that they are most frequently used to monitor children. Using pet cameras for monitoring sick or stressed animals is very beneficial. Many people discover that having the ability to monitor what their canine companions are doing gives them comfort and peace of mind.

One-way communication is possible with certain cameras, but two-way communication is possible with others, letting your dog or cat see and hear you, which might be reassuring for pets who don’t enjoy being left alone. Even some pet cameras come with a feature that allows you to hand out treats.

A GPS collar

You must be able to monitor your dog’s whereabouts and safety if you take him trekking or camping and allow him to run off-leash. The same holds for cats that roam freely. A reliable, high-quality GPS collar that enables you to track your animal’s position is ideal. Many collars include rechargeable batteries and are waterproof and shock-resistant. Download the associated app to your smartphone or other devices to access the GPS collar.

Automatic Litter Box

This minimises the possibility of inadvertent urination outside of the litter box by allowing your cat to enjoy clean litter with each trip to the restroom. Furthermore, it is not a problem if you fail to shovel his litter on a daily basis. The disadvantage is that most automatic litter boxes are covered, and not all cats enjoy going into an enclosed space to relieve themselves, so you must consider your cat’s preferences.

Clever leashes

They are a recent innovation with both benefits and drawbacks. Retractable leashes are a common form of today’s products. However, they raise a number of safety issues and are not typically advised.

The upside of smart leashes is that they come equipped with various cutting-edge functions, such as night lighting, route and distance monitors, timers, emergency alarms, Bluetooth connections, and even phone chargers. Hopefully, other types of smart leashes besides retractable ones will be created in the future. Therefore, you must get a dog fence wireless for your pet. You must give them importance as they are one of your family members. Your emotions are connected to them. So, you must buy the necessary items for their security and safety.

Automated Toys

Automated toys have advantages beyond only promoting physical activity and cerebral engagement. They can ease tension and anxiety, help fight boredom by giving your dog or cat something to do when you’re not around, and even prevent weight gain by preventing your pet from resting when you’re not there.

Bottom Line

It could be time to encourage your animal friend to walk around more often if your vet expressed concern about your dog’s weight during a recent visit. Dogs who maintain an active lifestyle gain a number of benefits, including lessened joint stiffness, a decreased chance of health issues, and possibly even a longer lifespan. Therefore, thanks to technology, new devices are being invented for us. If you want to know more about the latest devices, then go online. 

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