Extent of Difficulty of CCIE Certification

How difficult is the CCIE Exam? How likely am I to Pass the Exam? Is it worth attempting?

Cisco launched its CCIE certification test in 1993, when Cisco was a prosperous IT corporation that built and sold switches and routers worldwide. There are three distinct levels of Cisco certifications: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. You will be referred to as a network expert after you have obtained CCIE certification, the most difficult test and certification.

The CCIE credential is tough to get at first, and you must first pass the CCIE written test to become CCIE certified. The written test is unsuitable for everyone since the subject of the examination is expert level and very difficult—very few people pass this written examination. check it out.

 If you pass the CCIE written test, he or she must sit for and pass the LAB examination within a year to finish off the written exam. Assume you fail the LAB test within the allotted one year. In such a situation, the written test is straight away called off, and he or she must repeat the difficult process of passing the written exam.

In the beginning, you desire to go to CCIE for the LAB exam, and you should have extensive involvement or experience with Cisco organization because only if you frequently interact with Cisco devices will you be familiar with the configuration commands of Cisco, which are required in the Cisco exam. On top of that, Cisco offers applicants a tutoring programme.

Candidates may enroll in Cisco’s coaching programme by conecting Cisco’s training organization. The organization will set up the real gadget to acquaint the applicant with its instructions. However, the primary issue with the training programme is that it is too costly and unattainable for many applicants, which is one of the primary causes for CCIE’s poor pass rate.

Here, we will discuss the difficulty level of the CCIE test as well as some prevalent misunderstandings concerning Cisco certifications.

Myth 1: Passing the CCIE lab exam is impossible.

Even if many people fail the exam on their first try, it would be ludicrous to declare the CCIE lab exam impossible to pass. There are still a copious amount of learners who pass a range of testing facilities throughout the world every day. Those who have taken and failed the CCIE lab exam and abandoned their pursuit of CCIE certification enjoy spreading this false information.

Look at it here.

Earning the CCIE would require tremendous work, and the test is very difficult to pass. You would need to develop a study plan, a training programme, and test-taking strategies while also managing your time effectively.

Myth 2: CCIE certifications are no longer useful.

This would be just another meaningless discussion. True, there aren’t many CCIE-certified IT professionals out there, but it doesn’t diminish the certification’s value; in fact, it has increased tremendously!

The market earnings for CCIE-certified IT professionals are another indication of how highly regarded obtaining a CCIE is in the IT industry.

Myth 3: Is that exam proctors are unfair.

This is another myth that folks who failed this exam are prone to share. Proctors, on the other hand, are supposed to be there to help test takers, whether it’s due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment or to prevent cheating on the exam. A cheater will not be loved by anybody, and they may risk the whole certification process.

Myth 4: You will have no life if you seek the CCIE.

Yes, some fresher candidates may need 500 to 700 hours of hands-on preparation to have a decent chance of passing the exam, but nothing prevents you from fitting those hours in around your friends, family, and profession. It’s important to develop a schedule that works for you, and it should include time to reward yourself for meeting training goals, such as a trip to the ice cream shop or a movie theater.


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