How Custom Boxes Inserts Can Help Your Brand 

When you pack your product, how much do you think about the experience your customers will get? How do you want them to feel? Packaging sounds like a straightforward thing that gets your product from point A to point B, but there is more to it. Products custom box design when executed perfectly can bring immense value to your brand. It can help you drive business, create an unforgettable experience, and build brand loyalty. Product packaging and its elements like custom inserts can help you accomplish this. Before we talk about the benefits inserts possess, you must know what inserts are.

What Are Inserts Used in Product Packaging? 

You can think of inserts as an extra layer added inside the product packaging to help the product stay in one placeInserts like poly mailers are an excellent way to provide an extra layer of protection for your products during shipping. These inserts are designed to fit snugly outside your product packaging, creating an additional barrier that helps keep your products in place. and what they used to be, but nowadays, inserts are not only used to protect the product they are also used to provide information about the product. In this blog, we will tell you about the ways custom inserts helps brands in this fierce market. So, without dragging it any further, let’s get started.


For decades, business owners have tried their level best to protect their products from any kind of damage, and have managed to do so, but sometimes it costs a lot of money to do that. New brands can’t afford to adapt the same way, so inserts are the best option you have available out there at a cheaper rate. 

You can weigh different options depending on your needs, but every insert is an affordable way to enhance the unboxing experience for your customers. If you want to communicate with customers, but aren’t ready to put in extra money for printing, then you can use readymade thank you cards to convey your message. Custom boxes with foam inserts also work fine. These elements go a long way at a fraction of the price. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and you.

Highly Targeted 

Just like we mentioned before, inserts serve more purpose than just protection. You can use inserts to offer discounts on their next purchase, cross reference other lines you offer, and encourage customers to share your product online. Printed inserts offer the opportunity to share your brand story and initiatives.

For example, is your brand taking major steps towards sustainability? You can print that on the inserts and slide them inside the product packaging to tell them how you are trying your best to make this planet greener. Cross-referencing product lines not only encourages more sales but gives customers a better idea about your brand and the things you sell.

Better Than an Email 

We all are aware of email marketing and the value it possesses, but it simply can’t beat the physical connection with customers. It’s so easy for an email to get lost in thousands of emails your potential customer might have, but they can’t ignore the inserts because it is the first thing that they see when they unbox their package. Custom inserts possess a lot of marketing value. Foam inserts speak for themselves. They release a vibe of luxury that an email will never be able to do because a customer can’t experience an email, but they can surely experience the product live.

Product Education 

As you have already read above in the blog, inserts are more than just a way to protect the product. Your custom inserts don’t always have to be promotional, and they can be educational for customers. You can use custom inserts to tell customers about your product and brand. This could also include instructions for use, tips, and tricks. Customers love to interact with a brand that practices full transparency with its customers.

Helps Build Connections 

Building trust and loyalty in a world full of advertisements aren’t easy. You don’t have to worry because custom inserts will get you through. You can add messages, values, and key details about your brand on the insert. Adding that personal touch to the inside of your product packaging plays a crucial role in building a good connection with your customers and enhancing their unboxing experience. The unboxing part is crucial for customers to build a connection with a brand. Beyond marketing purposes, it is a way of showing your customers that your appearance in the brand matters. It is a simple way of saying that you take customers seriously in your brand.

Offer Discounts 

Customized boxes are the perfect way to boost sales through special discounts. You can effectively use inserts to print discount codes that customers can use for their next purchase from your brand. It drives loyalty, and customers feel more special knowing that they have their discount code.

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