Directed by Andy Muschietti and based on Stephen King’s 1986 Novel, It (effectively know as It Chapter One) is a supernatural horror film released in 2017. The film went on to set several box office records and grossed over $700 million worldwide, thus becoming the fifth highest grossing R- rated horror film of all time. It received positive reviews from critics for direction, performance, cinematography and musical score, making it one of the best Stephen King adaptations.

It has received various awards and nominations including the likes of Best Acting Ensemble,  Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror movie and Bogey awards for pulling more than 2 million German admissions in a span of 11 days.

It Chapter 2 It2 GIF by IT Movie

Audiences love the attention to detail and the exquisite cinematography that makes this re- imagining of the original of the original classic better than its predecessor. Being a scary film, what is impressive is how the film sticks to its original tricks and is not filled with loud in-your- face jump-scares, in fact, a lot of what makes this film scary is the slick cinematography and intricate shadow play, the use of lighting to create an atmosphere so tense.- A film critic writes.

The Storyline

Its the summer of 1989 and children of Derry, a small Maine town start disappearing. A group of 7 kids come together to destroy the monster which disguises itself as a clown and preys on the children.

The Hottest animated GIFs and the Hype

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It Chapter 2 Movie GIF

GIFs have managed to make the film even more popular than it already was as people who hadn’t watched or known about the movie ask questions out of curiosity and interest after receiving the hot and impressive looking GIFs. Some of the Popular It GIFs-

One Popular scene that gained a lot of attention on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram after a meme was made out of it-

pennywise stephen king GIF by Maudit

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Watch the It trailer here-

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