Home remedies to deal with nail infection

Fungal infection is driving people crazy thanks to Corona. Corona had a low fatality rate, but it weakened everyone’s immunity instead. A person with a weak immune system has a very high chance of having Mycosis. Mycosis is the technical term for a fungal infection. This kind of illness comes in various shapes and sizes. But we will discuss effective ways to treat toenail infections and nail fungus. There are quite a few nail fungal infection cream out there. The term “cream” will be an understatement. They are liquid medicines that are applied with a soaked cotton coat. In rare cases, you may have to apply a bandage which should last for around a day. Reapply daily.

Enough chemical medicines, let’s discuss what you can do as home remedies. There are also many home remedies. Nail fungus can be treated easily in its early stages. Let’s learn about them.

1. Nail cutting:-

To begin with, you should always cut off the infected part of the nail regularly. Properly trimming the infected nail also helps in penetrating the medicine as it can reach much deeper. Disinfect clippers before and after using them. It will prevent the spread of infection to other family members. Maintain hygiene.

2. Footwear:-

Clean footwear is a must. No tidy attitude allowed, clean shoes and socks daily, and never wear the same shock for 2 days in a row. Sweety feet can also promote the growth of the infection, so remove footwear whenever you can. In the meantime make sure to stay away from dusty areas as they may infect it even further. A proactive approach is a must when it comes to infections, and this doesn’t just apply to nail fungus. This should be done with any kind of infection.

3. Sunlight:-

Sunrays contain UV rays. UV rays are deadly to organisms that don’t have thick skin like us. As a result, exposure to direct sunlight can help eliminate fungus faster.

4. Hydrogen peroxide:-

Hydrogen Peroxide can penetrate the fungus, like a spear, and kill it immediately. Before using this product, please make sure that you have no allergy to this chemical. After confirming, use a clean piece of cloth, soak the chemical in it and gently apply. After soaking the chemical into the skin, let it dry before putting it on footwear. Also, make sure that it stays out of children.

5. Garlic:-

Garlic. Another magic of Ayurveda. Make a paste of garlic, apply it to the infected area and apply a bandage over it. It’s going to hurt a bit, plus it smells kind of weird. But the natural oils and goodies inside of this wonderful spice will make sure to spice your fungus out.

6. Different kinds of oils:-

Similar to hydrogen peroxide, you can use various kinds of essential oils, coconut oil, snakeroot extract, Ozonated oils, Lemongrass oil, lemon oil, etc. Same as before, clean the area with disinfected water and use clean cotton, soak it in oil and gently apply. Additionally, you can consume lemons or any antioxidants to purify your blood of foreign elements.


Well, a List of home remedies will flow on, just make sure to confirm before applying any nail infection cream. You can either use the internet for that or consult an ayurvedic specialist near you. Ayurveda cures most diseases using natural means like roots, oils, extracts, or even simply by eating fruits. I will recommend going the natural way as chemicals are harmful to your skin. Stay safe and stay hygienic!

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