Can we all agree to the fact that the cryptocurrencies have stolen every headline and has become a latest buzz. You must have noticed that in every family gathering or meeting this topic has to come up right? There are so many cryptocurrencies that have been developed in the recent times. Holo Token (HOT)  is one of these cryptocurrencies that have gained a lot of popularity recently. If you have never heard about his crypto then continue reading the article to get all the latest updates about it.

What Is Holo (HOT)?

Powered by Holochain, Holo is a cryptocurrency that powers a cloud hosting market for decentralized applications. It was founded in February 16, 2021 by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris- Braun. It is headquatered in Gibraltar. Holo serves a bridge between the broader internet and apps built uing Holochain, offering an ecosystem and marketplace in which DApps are easily accessible. Seeing the rise of decentralized applications (dApps), Holo may be a great long- term hold for investors.

Holo Crypto Price Prediction 2022, Is It Still A Good Pick?

Holo Price Prediction 2022

At the beginning of February 2021, Holo Token (HOT) surged by over 4000% , hitting an all time high of $0.03 on April 5. Such a rise was attributed to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s approval of Holo’s DHT. But then HOT saw a downfall in its price when it landed at $0.004. It is currently trading at 1.78 cents per token. but what futue does this token hold? Following predictions have been made by the experts on Holo’s price in 2022:

  1. According to one of the predictions, Holo will sit between 1.52 cents and 2.23 cents at the beginning of April. By the end of the month the price is predicted to be at 1.786 cents.
  2. According to CoinPedia, Holo could run between 0.16 and 0.19 cents in January 2022. Price of Holo is predicted to be at 0.35 cents over a five year time frame.
  3. It is predicted that the price even market cap of HOT Token will see an upswing in the next year, 2022. Considering the rise and fall, the coin price for HOT oly continues to show a positive trend among the receding Pandemic scenario touching the $0.031 cents.

Holo Crypto Price Prediction 2022, Is It Still A Good Pick?

Is It Still A good Pick?

Well you might have a question “Is Holo(HOT) crypto a good investment” right?  According to many market experts like DigitalCoin, CoinPedia etc., HOT coin is a buy within a one- year period and could be a though investment source after that time period. But the developers of this coin predicts that the price of the coin will rise in the future. It is also proven that the price may reach $1 and even go higher in the next five to ten years .

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