Here’s What To Do Before Hiring A Stripper For A Bucks Night

If you’re planning your best mate’s Bucks night in Perth, and you don’t know how to get the right stripper for the party, you’ve come to the right place. By doing all the steps outlined in this article, you can make sure everyone has a good time, and this includes the stripper. 

Talk To The Groom

A bachelor party is typically the only night of a man’s life where he can get a lap dance and drink a lot of cocktails without stress in his mind. Your friend may only have this chance to have a good time, so make sure you do it right 

It’s vital to determine precisely what aspects of the stripper concept are permitted. What does he want and what is acceptable to his future wife? The last thing you need is to wreck their wedding, so have some conversations. It can be a little awkward, but it’s good for the long run. 

Know The Groom’s Taste

Listen, you are not hiring a stripper based on your knowledge of the groom’s taste in women. You hire a stripper on the basis of his fantasies. It’s his last evening to engage his dreams a bit, so find out what he wants. 

This will take some effort, so sit him down, grab a drink and open up the conversation. If you take the effort to find out a little more about him, you can actually make the party so much better, and more of a fantastic night for the Groom to be. 

Maybe the groom has somewhat of an S&M side. If you know this, you can find a stripper who will come in a leather outfit.  Inquire as to whether she has a whip she can bring, and if she has a routine. I 

Don’t Be Nervous

While speaking with your potential stripper administrations, don’t be nervous, they’re just people doing a job. Be smart, however, as you are paying for a service. Be firm in your requirements for the party and be confident in what you want. Remember to write down any questions you might have and get an accurate quote, as well as any guidelines to follow, and be honest about the venue, and hours you will need the stripper for. 

Make Sure To Tip

Clearly, strippers are generous individuals; therefore, reciprocate their generosity. Ensure your whole party knows to bring cash for tips. Strippers do ask for tips, and the more you give, the better the show might be. Tipping can be beneficial to all parties involved. Also, never ask the hired stripper for change when it comes to tips, it’s rude!

Put Some Rules In Place

On the off chance that your young men get boisterous, and can get a little rude, the party will end early. Make sure that everyone knows what is acceptable and unacceptable. Talk in depth with your stripper about the rules they might have for entertaining your guests. Each stripper is different, so find the one that works best for your party. 

Remember, in general, there’s no touching the stripper without permission, and heckling isn’t often permitted. 

Call The Angels

For Stripper hire in Perth, you can’t look past Charlie’s Angels. Their vast roster of beautiful women means you’re bound to find something for the next Bucks party on the list. 

In addition, they offer specific packages just for that occasion, so make sure to enquire as to what they can offer your Groom to be on his big night.   

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