Game Boy Advance or more familiarly referred to as GBA is a handheld game console developed by a well-known company, namely Nintendo. The console, which was popular in its time, has given birth to a lot of quality game titles that may not be dimmed until now. At

Game consoles developed for the GBA do, on average, have graphics quality that is not as good as it is today. But make no mistake, some of the popular games on GBA are often the inspiration for console games for the next generation.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has decided not to produce its classic games since February 2008. Along with the development of technology, now GBA is not as successful as it was at that time. But considering the many classic games that are fun, it’s a shame if you don’t play them.

Currently alone, this handheld console is still visible in stores that usually sell PC or Playstation games. Well, for those of you who want to reminisce about the fun games you used to play at GBA, you can use an Android device.

How to? Yep, of course you will have to run the GBA Emulator first so you can play your favorite legend games first. The following is an explanation of the features and how to use the emulator.

My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator-techtoroms

My Boy! Free is a Game Boy Advance emulator where later you can play portable GBA games directly from your Android. Like other emulators, here you will not find a collection of games instantly.

Where you need to first download the GBA game through a website that you can find easily. Some GBA game titles that are highly recommended to be played include Super Mario, Dragon Ball, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and many others.

Although the emulator made by Fast Emulator is offered for free, the paid version is certainly much better. Where you will experience cool features that are not in the free version.

Well, usually the gba roms  format that is presented on the internet is in .zip format. If you want to download the game directly from Android, then you must first have an application to extract the. 

If you have got the file from the GBA game but are confused about how to install it, you can follow the steps below.

How to Use My Boy! (GBA Emulator)

  1. Find the GBA game you want via the internet, you can get it easily and for free.
  2. Usually the game file is in .zip format, therefore you need an application to extract the .zip file
  3. If so, extract the game so that you get a file.
  4. Put the GBA file or game that you downloaded earlier to the SD Card or external_sd. But before that you have to create an empty folder, for example “ GBA GAMES ”.
  5. Now you directly open the My Boy application! or GBA Emulator on your android.
  6. Usually a notification will appear ” Before you run, please place your rightfully owned GBA game files in to SD card “, then just click Ok.
  7. Then find the folder you created earlier, for example ” GBA GAMES “.
  8. Then select the title of the game you want to play, then click Ok.
  9. Done! Now you can enjoy GBA games on your android.

Oh yes, if you want to configure or add buttons on this emulator, it’s easy, here’s how..

Open the My Boy app! then run the game you want, then select Settings > Input > Virtual Keypad Settings > Controls Layout > Select (+) Add Control > Then select the controls you want to add.

That’s how to play GBA games on Android easily. With the GBA Emulator on your android, now you can reminisce again by playing classic games like when you were little. Happy Gaming!


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