Are you a huge fan of Bollywood and Trollywood films from India. Are you looking to enjoy films at your own home? You enjoy watching movies with your friends and family but would prefer to view them at home on your projector or in your home theatre? Do you wish to import HD films as soon as they are released? lets you import films without restrictions. Let’s look at Hdhun4u. com.

The URL allows you to access the domain is highly searched in search engines using the ‘.com domain. Hdhun4u also has an alternative ‘.onl domain. looks like a fraud based online data. The site hosts hundreds copies of film. To be included on a website, you must have permission from the owner. does not mention any tie ups with film companies that approve their content. and did not have any reviews or ratings.

Hdhun4u. com Legitimacy:’s Trust Score is 73%. It has a business ranking at 42.6% and an Alexa rank at 735,584 with a high suspicion profile about 40%. is an American domain that was registered on the 10th of November 2017. It is a website that has been online for four years, seven and a half months and seventeen day. Its registration expires in just four months and thirteen working days. owner information is not available. didn’t include a customer contact phone number, email, privacy policies, terms and condition, About Us section or service delivery policy. is present only on Telegram at – has 3,744 telegram users. com. Features: maintains a valid SSL certificate on its IP for the next 37 days. has a valid HTTPS protocol. It is not blacklisted. changes its domain regularly from ‘.com” to ‘.onl’ and so on. It receives 982 visitors per day on average, and generates an annual revenue of $9,373/year. It is estimated that the website will be worth $8,000.

It relies on a Pay per click module to run its business. To generate import links, the user will be redirected to its sponsor website. Before generating an import link, the sponsor websites wait for 10 seconds.

Once Hdhun4u. Once sponsors the link, users are redirected on their behalf to another sponsor’s site. This website includes links to various websites that allow them to import the film. The link will be temporarily accessible for IP addresses.

Conclusion: seems to be a Scam. The scam includes illegitimate links to import films. Copyright infringement is a punishable offense. does NOT host the film files. The site is not blacklisted and it has an average Alexa Trust, Business Ranking. However, it scored highly on the Suspicion profile which is not good news for data security or users’ devices.


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