TikTok is one of the most addictive platform these days. Millennials and GenZ are ruling the app. they creat new trends every other day and in no time we see the whole world recreating, joining or following those trends. Hamster Cult is one of the new cult trends in which the members of the cult are putting up the picture of a Hamster as their profile pictures or ‘PFP’ and spamming the comment section of famous videos, asking people to join them.

Origin of the Hamster Cult

Hamster cult has been started to overshadow another cult which was previously super popular, and that is none other than, Lana Del Rey Cult. Singer Lana Del Rey’s cult was made by her fans who wanted to show their love for her. Lana Stans started putting up a picture of hers in fire as their TikTok PFP, ahead the release of her next album, a few months ago.

This is when the haters of Lana or the “lovers of Hamsters” decided to jump in to the trend in order to steal the limelight of the singer and rather focus it on the furry rodent. So the cult is basically a group of people who have come together either to outshine Lana’s cult by focusing on the Hamster or to show their love for these innocent pets.

Though the cult trend may sound fun to some, many people are overwhelmed when their comment sections are spammed by these cults asking people to join them.

How to join the cult

It’s a well known fact that TikTok is no longer operational in India, hence it’s not possible for Indian anti fans of Lana, or lovers of Hamsters to join the cult. However, if you are residing some place where the app is accessible, you can join it in few easy steps. All you have to do to join the cult is change your profile picture into this specific staring Hamster picture that is doing the rounds. A random Hamster’s picture won’t do. Also, follow every other Hamster cult account you come across in order to show your support and pledge alliance.

Join the Lana Cult or the Hamster Cult while you are at it and Stay with EveDonus Films for the latest updates.


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