Halalan 2022 Pangasinan Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

This blog post about Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will inform readers on the results of the election as well as on the reported incidents in the country.

Who will take the presidency within the Philippines? The national elections have left everyone confused. The people around the world are eager to learn about who will be the President of the Philippines. The President’s presidency affects the future of the country as well as the fate of the country. This article about Halalan 2022 Pangasinan will assist in educating you on the outcomes of the election.

Additionally, we will go over additional important details about the election process to help readers can gain more insight about this particular issue.

Why are people constantly seeking results?

The internet is flooded with people filling their search engine with information about results. Not just Filipinos but all people across the border of the country are looking forward to the results. Everyone is aware that the presidency of one nation affects the entire world because of the relationship between nations. This is why the news of this election is popular on all social media and on every online platform.

Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

Pangasinan region’s performance has been analyzed using a variety of sources including Comelec Data. We will look at the governor, vice-governor provincial board member and Congressman here.

To be elected governor, the people who voted for the person who is in charge are:

  • GUICO, RAMON III – 883,864 Votes
  • ESPINO, POGI – 696,509 Votes
  • JIMENEZ, ROLLY – 6,203 Votes
  • PADILLA, CALOY – 3,239 Votes

So, Guico is in the top spot and is expected to be the favorite in this race for the governor’s office.

The vice-governor’s position is a similar one the vote is in the following order:

  • LAMBINO, MARK – 876,565 Votes
  • REYES, NIKIBOY – 549,487 Votes

Therefore, we can conclude that Lambino is in a higher spot at the top of Halalan 2022 Pangasinan.

In order to elect Provincial Board Member This is the official voting list for the initial providers:

  • FONTELERA, NONG – 115,345 Votes
  • BACAY, APPLE – 106,374 Votes
  • HUMILDE-VERZOSA, ORANGE – 85,628 Votes
  • CAMBA, RICKY – 71,751 Votes

Therefore, we can conclude that Fontelera is on the top of the list.

The results of the congressman’s first leg of the dist are as below:

  • CELESTE, ART – 155,320 Votes
  • ORBOS, OSCAR – 82,966 Votes

Therefore, Celeste has more votes than Orbos. There’s a second leg dist as well, which is visible by clicking the link that is provided at the end.

Violence in connection with Elections

The PNP stated in a statement it was at the time of Halalan 2022 Pangasinan elections The country reported instances of violence in Magsingal where the supporter of the mayor were involved in shooting incidents that left four injured and four were killed.


To summarize this article In this post, we’ve informed all our viewers about election results and how the candidates scored votes. You’ll know who’s on top of the list in each area. This post also provides information on incidents that occurred in various cities. This post will assist you to find all the pertinent information. Check the link to receive additional updates regarding how to get the Philippines Election Results.

Did this article on Halalan 2022 Pangasinan gave you all the information you need to know about the results of the elections? We would appreciate your feedback.

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