GTA V is one of the best video games out there, everything from story to graphics to unique characters, GTA V is a masterpiece. And there are some cheat codes that can make your gaming experience even more fun.

Grand Auto Theft V was released in 2013 developed by Rockstar North. The storyline of the game revolves around three protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, players can switch between these characters and play their specific stories and missions, each character has its own unique ability. The game is set in the fictional city of San Andreas and it is an open world where players can roam around freely.

GTA V Cheats you must try!

Syntax (Code – use)

CATCHME: Fast Run- Increases your sprint speed

GOTGGILLS: Fast Swim- Increases your swimming speed

POWERUP: Recharge Ability- The special ability your character has is enhanced

HOPTOIT: High Jump- This allows you to jump really high

LAWYERUP: Lower wanted level- Take one star off your wanted levelGTA V Cheat codes And The Latest Update

FUGITIVE: Increase wanted level- Add one star to your wanted level

HIGHEX: Explosive Ammo Rounds- For explosive ammo rounds

HOTHANDS: Explosive Melee attack- For explosive melee attack

INCENDIARY: Flaming Bullets- This will set things on fire with your bullets

PAINKILLER: Invincibility- This will make your character too powerful

TURTLE: Max Health & Armour- Increases your health and armor to full

DEADEYE: Slow motion aim- Takes you into slow motion, gives you a lot more time to aim better

SKYDIVE: Parachute- Provides you with a parachute while being in the air

MAKEITRAIN: Change weather- It changes the weather from sunny, rainy, snowy

FLOATER: Moon Gravity- Enter a vehicle after activating this cheat to experience less gravity

TOOLUP: Weapons/Guns- Access to all the weapons

SLOWMO: Slow Motion- Enables slow-mo in the game

BANDIT: Spawn BMX- Spawns a BMX bicycle

BUZZOFF: Spawn Buzzard: Spawns the Buzzard small attack helicopter

COMET: Spawn Comet- Spawns a comet

VINEWOOD: Spawn Limo- Spawns a limousine

ROCKET: Spawn PCJ-600-Spawns the PCJ-600 sports motorbike

RAPIDGGT: Spawn Rapid GT- Spawns you the Rapid GT

BARNSTORM: Spawn Stunt Plane- Spawns a Stunt Plane

TRASHED: Spawn Trashmaster- Spawns a trash master garbage truck

GTA V Cheat codes And The Latest Update

How to use the cheats?

  • Step 1: Save your game before using the cheats
  • Step 2: Bring up your console by pressing the tilde(~) button on your keyboard, a menu will pop up where you can write your codes.
  • Step 3: Type in your code and voila! your code will get activated.

NOTE: For few vehicles to spawn make sure it is unlocked in your game.

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