GTA Online is one of the best gaming experiences ever and their new updates just make the game more realistic and engaging for its users. GTA provides you with a lot of options to invest in and increase your asset count one such great investment is buying a hangar.

Although some people might think hangar isn’t a good investment since it is mainly for storing aircraft it has more benefits.

gta online which hangar is the best to buy

There are in total 5 hangars in the game and The best hangar to buy in the game is Fort Zancudo Hangar and here’s why:

  • The hangar is $2.6 million dollars which good price for a hangar since all the hangars have the same interior it is a pretty good deal.
  • Secondly, the location is also very good it is in the heart of IAA’s most exclusive sites, any player who wants an impressive address for his business, this is the perfect asset to buy.
  • What makes this hangar even more worth buying is that it comes with “low-level clearance” which is everyone knows military bases are no go zones but with this, you can fly over or even inside the military base and you won’t get wanted level moreover if anyone’s chasing or harming you the military will shoot and cover-up for nuisance, which is pretty great.

gta online which hangar is the best to buy

Furthermore if you buy a hangar,

  • You can buy living quarters and set it as your spawn location so your player will spawn there and respawning in a location like Fort Zancudo Hangar will be beneficial to you in many ways and you’ll have all your aircraft handy.
  • Another perk of buying a hangar is that you can call your aircraft anywhere anytime and you’ll get it delivered to you there
  • Lastly, you can convert pegasus aircraft into your personal aircraft, you just have to call an aircraft and park it in your hangar and it will be automatically be converted into personal aircraft, what’s cooler is that you can even customize it which otherwise costs hundreds of millions of get it painted.

But for any upgrade in your hangar you’ve to a lot of extra money, so just make sure you’re spending on the right upgrades.

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