GTA Online Mobile Operations Center: Mission List

GTA Online being a multiplayer game offers amazing features now and then. On one hand where you can compete against other players by switching PvP mode on the other hand you also get a wide range of genre. These genre includes shooters, racing, vehicular warfare and much more. However, when the players reaches high-ranking tasks, in order to achieve their admired goal in the game they need  better and more advanced tools. Here comes the time when Mobile Operations Center (MOC) comes in the light.

Mobile Operating Centre in GTA Online

GTA Online Mobile Operations CenterThe MOC that is also known as Mobile Operating Game is basically a semi-trailer modular which is a mobile base that works for gun customization and missions in the game. This vehicle is actually really helpful in the game as it offers several functional utility along with being fitted out with weaponry.

Get your MOC now!!!

GTA Online Mobile Operations CenterThe (MOC) Mobile Operating Center comes with a touchscreen panel along with eight missions for you to unlock discount within Warstock Cache & Carry. You can get your hands on this through  Warstock Cache & Carry, which is an in-game website. All you need to get this Mobile Operating Center is GTA$ 1,225,000. Although if you are going for upgraded version of this feature will increase the cost even higher.

Total no. of missions in the MOC

GTA Online Mobile Operations CenterIn total there are eight missions consisting in the MOC.

These missions are as follows:

  • Severe Weather Patterns
  • Half-track Bully
  • Exit Strategy
  • Offshore Assets
  • Cover Blown
  • Mole Hunt
  • Data Breach
  • Work Dispute

However these missions in the MOC helps in unlocking the discounts in the prizes of vehicles of weapons in Warstock Cache and Carry.

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