Gta Lester Mission List: All Mission With Lester in Gta 5

The GTA 5 Lester’s missions include

  • Hotel Assasination
  •  The Multi Target Assassination: …
  • The Vice Assassination: …
  • The Bus Assassination: …
  • The Construction Assassination:

These are the five missions that  give five opportunities for Lester and Franklin to get a massive income from the stock market. The player can make use of these stock market profits to buy expensive properties such as Los Angeles Golf Club or any of the three cinemas.

Gta Lester Mission List: All Mission With Lester in Gta 5

Hotel Assassination

The Hotel Assassination mission should be completed to progress the game. All the other assassination missions will be received periodically. You can invest in companies, which are affected by your actions in these missions.

This mission is important to move on in the story. So you have to have all the three characters invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals. The stock will start to rise. But it may take  twenty minutes time to reach there. If you are getting fifty percentage return, see all of your stocks.

The Multi Target Assassination.

If you have taken out the three targets which are necessary to finish this mission, you can buy Redwood stocks afterwards.

The Vice Assassination.

After completing the mission, you can buy Facade, and you can wait till it rise on BAWSAQ.   You can watch till the return percentage rise and then sell the stocks out.

The Bus Assassination

If you have completed this mission, you can dump your money into Vapid on the BAWSAQ. Once you have a return percentage of hundred, you can sell off your stocks.

The Construction Assassination

For this mission, you have to buy gold coast stocks, before the mission is taken. When it is completed, you can sell the stocks after they rise to about eighty percent.

You can save the game in a different slot before you do this mission, so that you can reload if something goes wrong.

For all these assassination missions, you have got a safety tip. If you don’t have a rise in return percentage after ten minutes, you can go to your safe house . You can sleep and check the market again. You have to remember that the stock markets do not operate on Saturdays and Sundays. So the stocks will not change during these times.

The maximum income, a player can earn from assassination mission is limited to $2,147,483,467. After you have reached this limit, the game will start to glitch.


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