GTA 5 Update 1.37 What New Rockstar Gaming Added: Latest Grand Theft Auto Update

Grand Theft Auto 5 latest update(GTA 5 Update 1.37) is here, and we cannot hold our excitement in. So here is the comprehensive list of fixes and changes in the game.

This GTA 5 1.37 update deals with one of Grand Theft Auto V’s reoccurring problems, and if you are a GTA Online player, you will be unbelievably happy to know all the exciting features this update includes.

But if you play GTA on gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox, you might not get those same features. Although, there will be basic improvement. The latest update is currently blaring across all platforms and is of roughly 400 MB on PC. The game will be of slightly larger size for console players.

GTA 5 Update 1.37 What New Rockstar Gaming Added: Latest Grand Theft Auto Update

Here’s everything latest in GTA 5 Update 1.37

For gamers who use PS4, Xbox or PC, there have been improvements in general network connectivity. The loading time on PC has become shorter after the 1.37 update. This update also includes improvements in general network connectivity on all platforms. If you are an online GTA player then you should expect to experience fewer disconnections. You will also not encounter online issues as often as before.

The main focus of the latest update is the decrease in PC loading time. This improvement has certainly made the players happy. GTA Online is infamous for its lengthy loading times. Rockstar finally addressed the problem and has taken action in this update.

A surprising update from the long time GTA fan

The fixes in the latest update do not come from Rockstar but actually come from a fan. A long time GTA player themself t0st posted a quick restorative action that reduced GTA Online’s loading times by a marvelous 70%.

The fan-made counteraction attracted the attention of the gaming franchise. It drew such a huge amount of appreciation that even Rockstar had to take notice of it. Hence, they tested the counteraction themselves and implemented it into the latest update.

To show their gratitude Rockstar even rewarded t0st with a $10,000 cash prize for their work. If you are a GTA Online player then you know how annoying the long-stretched loading times are. After the new update the game should be a lot more easier and enjoyable to play. We really appreciate t0st for their contribution.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for you to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Currently, a next-gen version of the game is being developed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S gaming consoles. Visit the official Rockstar site for more information.

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