GTA 5 is action adventure online game launched in 2013. The game was developed by Rockstar North along with  Rockstar Games as publisher. There can be numerous reasons of muting other players in a game. There is this feature of muting other player in Grand Theft Auto Online. Besides there are many players who mostly gets rude in the game and it might be disturbing of some players. Even after this muting feature in this game many people don’t know how to access it.

How to Mute People on GTA 5

How to mute other players in GTA 5

  • When it comes to mute individual players, the first step is to the pause menu and further navigate the online menu. Scroll down to the players option, Select the players you want to mute and enable toggle mute. And here you go. You will successfully disconnect with the individual.
  • Here comes the another technique that is through voice chat menu. The alternate option is to select the Interactions menu. Further search for voice chat. Here, you can personalize what groups you want to hear to. You can easily mute selected groups from there.

Get access to the feature of muting other players

How to mute players in GTA 5? Is there any feature of muting players in this game? and so on. These has been the most frequently asked question. Eventually, there are mainly two course of action of accessing this feature. The first technique is through player menu option. One can go to that option and allow to mute specific players in the game. While the other technique is through voice chat menu. In this option several group can be muted.

Latest Update for gta 5:

How to Mute People on GTA 5

There are many new updates coming ahead this years. This year is expected to set a new standard for the game. This feature of muting players has already been somewhere a thoughtful feature for players who don’t want to communicate with other players. Also, this feature is optional for players weather they want to access this feature or not. However there might be new update this year for the ones who want to go solo. The game might get updated in a way coming up with more single player elements. This will attract those players who want to play there solo game. This is definately going to be versatile as it will attract both single players and group.

However this feature is really thoughtful. Social interaction in game is something that many people is fond of and enjoy it but many players find that disturbing. This will be comforting for many players and can play individually as well as in groups without any disturbance. Also, this will reduce online verbal harassments. In addition Grand Theft Auto Online is also accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

GTA 6 Release date and latest update:

As for now there is no official announcement of GTA 6. Yet, fans have been eagerly waiting for the insight or the hint of this expected GTA 6. Although, few information regarding the new expected got leaked. If this comes out to be true here are few features you might expect.

How to Mute People on GTA 5

As according to the leaker the game will be set in Vice City along with male protagonist which indicates no female characters. The storyline is expected to be around 60 hours long whereas the layout of the mission will be open as well as free. Further more there will be no strict line story path to be followed. Although the leaked information has been deleted from it’s official site but, Reddit have a record of these leaked facts.

Well, this is all for as far updates. Hopefully this feature of muting rest of the players would definately have been a wonderful feature for all the solo gamers and many more to come in future.


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