GTA 5 : Hidden Locations Of Peyote Plants and Everything You Need To Know

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5 is commonly known as GTA 5, this game is loved by everyone all over the World, as it is an adventurous and action game. The game was released on 17th September 2013 and is still a very popular game. Here are the locations and information of Peyote plants given below for everyone who loves to play GTA 5. In a game, the Peyote plant will award you cryptological achievements and will help you to unlock controllable animals.GTA 5

About the indication whether the Peyote plants are nearby you or not??

To get the award you have to collect 21 lands based Peyote plants, you will find a white across the game, that will be the Peyote plant. But for finding the plants you have to work a little bit hard. In the game, you will be indicated with a unique sound whenever you will be near the Peyote plant that will be easy for you to find the plant. Many people are not knowing that there are 27 hidden locations on the map, and after eating you will be transformed into any random animal.

Location of Peyote plant GTA 5GTA 5

Given below is a list of hidden plant locations which will help you to find the plants more easily-

  • Paleto beach in the offshore
  • The northeastern face of Chillad
  • Alamo sea underwater
  • Raton canyon on the top high of Cassidy creek
  • Pacific Ocean underwater
  • Senora desert
  • Ron alternates wind farm
  • West wines wood hills
  • Manor hotel
  • Noose headquarters
  • Chamberlain hills
  • Del perro pier underwater
  • Greenwich parkway
  • Paleto Bay
  • Chillad summit
  • Mount gordo
  • Raton canyon of east Alamo
  • Fort zancudo
  • Two hoot falls
  • Underwater of Pacific ocean
  • Galileo park
  • Mirror parks
  • Vine wood hills
  • El burro heights
  • Vespucci beach
  • Los santos custom
  • Port of Los santosGTA 5

This is a list of hidden Peyote plants in GTA 5 where you can find those plants which are not so easy to get. This is a kind of hidden bonus because it is having a golden plant, but will get it only when you will complete the mission. These plants mostly occur in the morning at an approx time between 5:30 AM to 8:00 AM, when the weather will be snowy and cold.

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