GTA 5 Game Tips : How To be a VIP in GTA Full Details

GTA: Online Executives and other criminals in GTA online, which is played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game offers the players a new business opportunity for enterprising and security corporations.


The VIPs and the Bodyguards come under the categories of an Employer and an Employee. Both the employer and employee work concurrently to thrive their missions for conveying the VIP from the vicious streets of Los Santos.

A VIP can accommodate in a luxury as well as destructive criminal jobs, VIP is the head of the squad and always leads them.

Bodyguard’s job is to make sure that the employer avoids unwanted attention from the public while attaining cool cash. He also has a steady and periodic salary of around GTA $5000.

GTA 5 Game Tips : How To be a VIP in GTA Full Details


If you want to be the leader who leads his team by becoming the VIP, here are the tips and techniques you must follow.

  • You must ensure your minimum bank balance of at least GTA $ 1M in the capital. This is mandatory for the beginning of your region.
  • The next step is to register for VIP by acquiring ‘Securo Serv’ by opening the Interaction Menu.
  • You can start your game as a VIP.
  • You have to build up your presidential empire.

If you want a periodic salary of GTA $5000, RP, and want to publicize your expert ability by becoming the Bodyguard at GTA 5, here are the tips that can lead you to the post of Bodyguard.

  • Select ‘SecuroServe’ to opt for “looking for work” by opening Interaction Menu.
  • Now, wait for your job offer.


  • The position of a VIP on a free mode only lasts 4 hours. When the 4 hours are over, there are 12 hours of lockout effect till the VIP is reappointed.
  • Only 6 VIPs are assigned at a session of a time. If one has joined as a VIP in 6 active VIPs, he has an option to suspend his position.
  • VIP can hire 3 Bodyguards at a time.
  • Bodyguards can access the vehicle if the VIP owns it or if the vehicle is already active on the map.
  • Bodyguards get a bonus RP of 400 when he is riding in with the VIP and get RP 600 when he drives for the VIP.
  • Bodyguards can earn up to $5000 per 15 minutes while working for a VIP.

GTA 5 Game Tips : How To be a VIP in GTA Full Details

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