How to Mute All Players in gta 5: Grand Theft Auto Online

There can be numerous reasons of muting other players in a game. There is this feature of muting other player in Grand Theft Auto Online. Besides there are many players who mostly gets rude in the game and it might be disturbing of some players. Even after this muting feature in this game many people don’t know how to access it. Lets Know about How to Mute All Players in gta 5.

how to mute all players in gta 5

Eventually, there are mainly two ways of accessing this feature. The first technique is through player menu option. One can go to that option and allow to mute specific players in the game. While the other technique is through voice chat menu. In this option several group can be muted.

How to Mute All Players in gta 5: Grand Theft Auto Online

Follow Below Steps: how to mute all players in gta 5

  • Open up the Pause Menu (Press P/Esc)
  • Go to “Online” (Select from Menu)
  • Search and select “Players”(Players from current sessions)
  • Select the player name you want to Mute (only players you want to mute)
  • Select “Options”
  • Choose “Toggle Mute” (Toggle mute to MUTE and UNMUTE)

Mute Group voice chat

  • Go to the Interaction Menu by pressing “M”
  • Search and select “Voice Chat” From Interaction Menu
  • Select the group that you want to mute from your Voice Chat

How to mute other players in Lobby GTA 5

  • When it comes to mute individual players, the first step is to to the pause menu and further navigate the online menu. Scroll down to the players option, Select the players you want to mute and enable toggle mute. And here you go. You will successfully disconnect with the individual.
  • Here comes the another technique that is through voice chat menu. The alternate option is to select the Interactions menu. Further search for voice chat. Here, you can personalize what groups you want to hear to. You can easily mute selected groups from there.

However this feature is really thoughtful. This will be comforting for many players and can play individually as well as in groups without any disturbance. Also, this will reduce online verbal harassments.

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