Google Pixel coming up with ‘new Photo and video editing Features’ exclusive for Google members.

There is some exciting news from Google as Pixel is coming up with some cool new Photo-editing features which are only for Google One members that mean the people who have paid the Google One subscription only gets the Pixel-specific Google Photos features on any other Android phone. Now, along with extra account storage they may also enjoy these new editing features such as the ability to add Portrait Blur and Color Pop to existing photos lacking depth data (like scans or photos from older devices) and even modify lighting courtesy of Portrait Light.

New Photo-editing features

Google Photos is coming up with their new editing features that use machine learning algorithms on Pixel phones to non-Pixel users. The new features coming up include Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, and Color Pop. Google has kept these new and advanced editing features only for those people who have paid for their Google One membership.

Google said the upcoming new photo-editing features that is, Portrait Blur and Portrait Light will be coming along with ‘Dynamic and sky suggestions’, and that it will be updated for Google One members over the next few days.

The new features will only be provided through the latest Google Photos app on Android devices that should at least have 3GB of RAM and are running on Android 8.0 or above. Google had officially made the new plan public saying that the new Pixel-exclusive editing features will also be reaching the non-Pixel phones through Google One subscription, which was initially spotted in November.

New video-editing features

Along with the new Photo-editing feature also came the new video-editing feature for Android which will allow you to crop, change perspective, and add filters to your videos. With this new feature, you can also apply granular edits such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth, among others. These new features are also available with existing trimming, stabilizing, and rotating tools on the photo-editing app.

The new video-editing feature in Google Photos helps you to enhances your video scenes by offers more than 30 controls, including the ability to trim, stabilize, apply filters, brighten, rotate, crop, and straighten the frame. But, this newly updated video editor which is being introduced by Google for Android was already available to iOS users. On the other hand, Google is also bringing its redesigned photo editor that debuted on Android in September to iOS devices in the coming months.

The new features come just months after Google decided to end its free unlimited storage offering on Google Photos. That move will come into place on June 1, 2021. But these isn’t just the only perks the Google one Members will be enjoying as they also get access to a complimentary VPN last year, and they also get things like a credit-based discount, free trials for Stadia Pro, and even free Nest Minis. Google One subscription prices range from $2 a month for 100GB to $10 a month for 2TB — and higher, if you need it, with yearly plans available at a discount.

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