God of War is an action-packed adventure game. It is based on ancient mythology. The storyline of the game revolves around Kratos, a Spartan warrior who was tricked by Greek God of War Ares into killing his family. This event leads to a series of wars that takes place in mythological pantheons.

The God of War game franchise is popular for hiding exciting items throughout the game. Players get to collect new items in each level. Each level in the game has a unique item for you to collect. Collecting these collectibles help you in unlocking a few Trophies and also counting towards the 100% completion of the game.

Exciting collectibles in God of War Iron Cove

You can enter the Iron Cove area from the Isle of Death. God of War has 2 collectibles in the Iron cove area. This walkthrough will guide you in obtaining all the collectibles in the Iron Cove region. The items are arranged in the order of their appearance in the game.

Collectible #1 Odin’s Raven

god of war iron cove' collectibles and complete walkthrough

Once you are in Isle of Death, go to the hill and climb it. Go where you found the dead body and the legendary chest. When you are top of the hill, move to the zipline that sets out to Iron Cove.

After you land on the ground, go look for the southern shipwreck in the mountain. You will find your first collectible inside that ship. Now to devise a path to this ship, you will need to find some explosives.

You will find the first explosive hanging above the boat. Use the Leviathan Axe to smash it. Find other explosives situated at various angles inside the boat and destroy them.

Once you clear your path and the poison mist is gone, head into the boat and climb on its top. Once on top of the boat, you will find a raven. Kill the raven to add it to your collection.

Collectible #2 Legendary chest

god of war iron cove' collectibles and complete walkthrough

In Iron Cove, you will reach a place where you will come across a door with three rune seals. You will need to match the rune signposts with the signs displayed on top of the door to unlock the door. You can find these signposts scattered in the nearby area.

The first two rune spots are easier to find as they are located nearby. You will need to work a little hard to find the third rune spot which will be hidden behind some yellow rubble.

Blow up the yellow rubble on the left side of the door and pave a path for yourself.
Move ahead on this path till you reach the end of the cliffs. The third rune will be hidden behind some rocks. Use the handy explosives to puff up the rocks and obtain the last rune.

Strike all the three rune signposts with your Leviathan Axe to open the door. Head inside in the room to collect the Legendary Chest. Legendary Chest is the last collectible in this level.

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