Here are some of the best ways to farm Gil to make yourself a rich man. Let us take a look into some best and easy ways, that will help you to farm for Gil and make some money.

Dungeon Roulettes.

This method is easy, but time consuming. Running through dungeons can give you a pretty  good amount of money.  For doing this, you have to click on the roulette option in the duty finder.

After you match with a party, you have to play through the dungeon to completion. If you do this twice a week, it will reward you with many Gils.

The Market Board.

You can sell the equipments on player market, so that players will pay you for your wares.

farming gil ffxiv

How it works.

  • Craft good quality gear, and then sell it in the market.
  • Make your prices more reasonable .
  • If you have high level crafting class, it will make you rich within a week.
  • Market the crafting materials on board with a price slightly higher than the shop price.

Use your retainer.

Unlock  your two retainers , and then send them out on ventures.  Then head to the market. By the weekend, you can take home , more than 10,000 Gil. This is an easy method.

Become a hunter and gatherer.

Take advantage of the market by selling materials, needed by the players.

Utilise grand company quests and levels to get high quality materials. High quality items are worth more money.

Aim for quality. Miners can earn more money.

Identify your needs, for specific items and how you price them. Spend an hour a day farming with your miner. After you have got your miners rod many times, collect precious minerals. It is time to sell them on the market.

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