Get To Desolace From Mulgore Everything You Need To Know

War of Warcraft is an online role-playing game that is way too famous among gamers. Most people are confused about getting to Desolace. There I am going to tell you about how to get Desolace easily and quickly.

What is the Desolace?

In Kalimdor, you can visit the grey wasteland known as Deaolace. Things you can see there

  1. In the north you can see Stonetalon Mountains
  2. In the east you can see Molgore
  3. In the south, you can see Feralas
  4. In the west, you are surrounded by the sea

In every direction, you got great visuals for your eyes. The good news is that not only it have good scenery but you can mine gold, silver, and iron. Gold is their speciality.

You can find Desolace when you are in the 30-40 level. Now you know the importance of Desolace you eager to know where to find it.

get to desolace from mulgore

How to get Desolace?

We are here to tell you about the Desolace map for any Alliance and Horde race. 

Night Elf Race

When you are using the Night Elf Race then you may be in Ashenvile Forest or Stonetalon Mountain.For getting Desolace you need to go towards Charred Vale in the South-West of the Stonetalon Mountains. 

Gnomes & Dwarves

When you are using the Gnomes and Dwarves race you need to move from the Ironforge.

Your aim should be to enter Wetland by taking a path northeast in Don Morogh. From Wetland where you will find menthol harbour and take the boat that will take you to Auberdine. Find Ashenvile Forest in the South and follow the same path.get to desolace from mulgore

Human Race

When you are using Human Race then go to the Stormwind where you can find The Dwarven District.Then take the deep run trim that connects Ironforge to Stormwind. You can now follow the same route which we used on the Gnomes or Dwarves race. 

Horde Race

When you are using Horde Race then go to Undercity where you can find Zeppelin near Brill.The Zeppelin will let you to Origimmar in Kalimdor. Then move towards Barrens in South West and from Greatwood Vale you can enter the Stonetalon Mountains in North West. Now take your route to Sunrock Retreat and then go to Charred Vale. This way leads to the Desolace.

Now you can easily enter the Desolace. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates.

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