Minecraft is a video game series in which players create their three-dimensional world using various blocks. While building your world you might face challenges in creating curves as the game is a pixelated one. Well, to make that easy for you here is the command of Minecraft Circle Generator. The basic requirement of making a circle is definately any block of your choice.

Get Minecraft Circle Generator Command in PS-4 Know Everything About it

Minecraft Circle Generator

The first thing that you should keep in mind while making a circle is chart describing circles in the pixelated world. Here are steps of making a circle for you convenience here I am taking 9 blocks for making circle having nine diameter

Get Minecraft Circle Generator Command in PS-4 Know Everything About it


  1. First thing that you have do is to place all nine blocks in a que.
  2. Now place the another blocks perpendicular on both the sides of the above mentioned nine block from the middle block that is from fifth block.
  3. Place 4 blocks on each side.
  4. After this each ends will be the center of the edge of the circle. Now make your outermost edge three blocks long
  5. Now that you have done this, you want to finish the outline of the circle. To do this, you are going to want to build out each corner with two blocks facing the same way the original edge is facing.
  6. Now, to fill those left space in the outline make a miniature “L” using blocks.
  7. Now your circle is ready and you can keep it the way you want you can either keep it hollow or you can fill it and make a platform out of it.

Hope this was helpful for you. keep playing !!

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